Hypoglycemia – Foods to Eat

What to do and What Not to do During Hypoglycemia 


Hypoglycemia is a disease related to blood sugar level. It is a stage of low blood sugar level. There is not much time for thinking in this situation. You need to be sure what to eat, and what not to eat, when you get affected with the disease.

There are certain foods and possibly medicines that you must take, if you are a patient of this very disease.


If you are sure about your hypoglycemia status, you are required to make a chart of your daily diet for at least next ten days. In a column, make a list of the foods, and medicines that you will take. You need to make a separate column for the timings at which you will take the specific food or medicine. In another column, you must register the symptoms, and the timings of their occurrence. In most cases, you can easily correlate between your diet, and the symptoms. If this is the case, then you must avoid the foods, which cause trouble. You need not stop the medication. It is possible that you feel that the medication is the main reason of the disease. In this case, you must contact your doctor before arriving at any conclusion. This diet notebook can be the clear indication of what is going wrong in the entire system, as you are recording everything related to your food and digestion.

You need to start eliminating those foods and drinks, which can cause you most problems. Sugar, white flour, alcohol, and tobacco are a big no.

You are advised to be highly careful while eliminating a food item from your diet chart. It should be done by you, in collaboration with your doctor. You must not go by the advice of any other person. In general, you are required to gradually decrease the consumption of your food intake. For instance, in case you are consuming 15 cigarettes a day, firstly you should reduce your consumption to 10 cigarettes, then 5, and gradually bring this number down to nil. In case you are heavily addicted to any product, then you must not reduce its consumption with the prior permission of your doctor.

You need to consume nutritious foods like lean meat, poultry without skin, green vegetables, and whole grains.
It is better if you take six meals a day, or three meals with snacks in between. Never over eat. It will be a good idea to have snacks in your car, while going on a long drive.
You need to keep your blood pressure normal all times.

You also need to avoid certain things, in order to remain out of reach of hypoglycemia.

You need not panic in this sort of situation.
You should never forgo breakfast. It is the most important meal for a person suffering from this disease.
You need not compare your progress with anybody else. Different body systems have different progress rates.

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