How to Stay Asleep All Night

It’s truly horrific when you can’t fall asleep at night. Waking up from time to time can ruin precious hours of sleep and leave you without energy. Sleep deprivation comes with numerous disadvantages for your health, especially if it happens regularly. If you are experiencing problems sleeping for a few weeks now, it is time to consider taking some natural remedies. Instead of using Benadryl or other prescribed drugs, you can go for a natural remedy that will help you sleep, stay asleep and wake up when your body is fully rested. Here is an amazing recipe for a good night’s sleep.

remedy for sleep


  • sea salt – 1/8 teaspoon
  • coconut oil – 1 tablespoon
  • raw honey – ¼ teaspoon


Take all of the ingredients and mix them in a bowl. After you made sure it blended perfectly, consume the mixture and drink some water to push it down more easily. Coconut oil with its three fat components, the salt and the sugar from the honey work together to help your body rest through the night. This solution will help you stay asleep for a whole night and reduces the impact of stress hormones, which can make you get up randomly.

How does it Work?

Coconut oil is beneficial before bed thanks to the sustained energy it gives throughout the night. Ingesting it before bed prevents you from waking up with a tummy ache. Also, the oil prevents blood sugar from spiking which causes sleeping troubles pretty often. Coconut oil gives your body all the necessary nutrients to help your organism release as many sleep hormones as it can.

Why would you consume honey before sleep? You might think that just because it contains sugar it can be responsible for the sugar spikes that interrupt your sleep. The truth is quite different. Honey ensures the right quantity of liver glycogen for the brain. During sleep, the brain uses energy from the glycogen found in the liver. If that substance isn’t enough to provide energy, your glands will release more stress hormones that will disturb your sleep. Make sure to use raw honey instead of processed honey as it’s much better for the production of liver glycogen.

Consuming sea salt right before sleep is important as it lowers the stress hormones. Salt also helps with energy production, so your energy will be provided during your sleep. When the right amount of sodium runs through your veins, your stress response is reduced. Salt sets your organism in a homeostatic state, preventing the adrenaline from spiking throughout the night. This allows you to enjoy your “beauty sleep”. Studies have revealed that salt increases your oxytocin level. This hormone will keep you relaxed and calm.

This mixture should let you sleep safe and sound. The ingredients will work in your advantage allowing you to get your well-deserved rest. If you wake up throughout the night, take a spoon of the mixture and go back to sleep.

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