How to Quickly Lower Your Child’s Fever Without Medicines

Fever is your body’s reaction to infections, and it can cause a great discomfort. So, it is only natural that you wish to lower it as soon as possible. High temperature can be caused by a banal cold and may not be necessary for your child to take a medical treatment. When fever occurs, it is important not to panic and to see what you can do to reduce it. If the fever does not come back and the child’s other symptoms are visibly ameliorated, you don’t have to worry about it.


However, especially when you see your child suffering and having a fever, you would do anything to reduce his high temperature. But sometimes you don’t want to use medicines randomly, without prescription, or you simply don’t have any in your home. What to do then? There are many other remedies that can lower the fever in less than 5 minutes.

  • Lukewarm wet towels

Take some towels and put them in lukewarm water, then squeeze them and put them on your child’s feet, belly, and forehead. Make sure that the water used is not cold. This may cause shivering, and it could even increase the body temperature. Wet towels are very efficient and lower the temperature in only 2-3 minutes.

  • Sanitary alcohol rubs

Another effective method of lowering the fever in less than five minutes it to use some sanitary alcohol. Pui it in your palms and then rub it on your child’s feet and hands. It is recommended to keep the alcohol in your hands for a few seconds. This will assure you that the sanitary alcohol won’t be too cold when you start rubbing.

  • Raw potatoes

Potatoes are a great ally when it comes to lowering fever. You can use them grated or sliced. One solution is to grate a potato and to fill with it the inside of a pair of socks. You are advised to use cotton socks because a synthetic textile fibre may cause heating and you don’t want this in the case of fever. After you filled the socks with the grated potato, put your child’s socks on.

You can also use sliced raw potato to reduce the fever. Cut some slices, put them on a banderole or a piece of cloth and then put it on your child’s forehead. This remedy is useful in the case of headaches, too.

  • Cooled snacks and many fluids

Some cold yoghurt will help your child’s body to cool down from the inside. Make sure the yoghurt or the snack you choose is not too cold. This may worsen the situation for the long term, even if it may calm down the fever for the moment. Other examples of efficient cold snacks in case of fever are watermelons, melons, citrus, and any other fruits your child likes. Moreover, don’t let your child dehydrate. Giving him lukewarm water, tea or milk also helps him to deal with a high temperature.

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  1. Add TBS of white vinegar to tempt water and applying to major pulse areas (wrists, ankles & behind knees) plus neck & torso

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