How to Deal with Panic Attacks

The symptoms of a panic attack may vary from heart palpitation, chest tightness and shortness of breath, to dizziness and even nausea. But probably the most unbearable is the feeling that comes with these symptoms. You feel that you are going to die because of the thing causing the panic attack.

panic attack tips

Anyway, experts affirm that a panic attack is not able to produce death, even though in those moments you may think otherwise.

Sometimes, panic attacks seem unprovoked by anything. In fact, it may be triggered by the afraid of a panic attack. So fear does nothing but worsening the situation. This is why you have to keep in mind that none of the things inducing your panic attack can cause you real harm. Even if it is hard, the most efficient way to deal with a panic attack when it strikes is to try to convince yourself that you cannot be harmed or killed by what is causing you the panic attack.

Other suggestions are to take care of your body and mind before a panic attack strikes. What can help you is a good night’s sleep, a lower consumption of caffeine and alcohol, a healthy diet, exercises and avoiding stress. But what can you do when it strikes?

  • Pay attention to your breath

When you are panicked, the tendency is to breathe fast and to hyperventilate. This leads to a faster heartbeat that will make you perceive everything as being more threatening. You have to control your breath: breathe deeply and slowly.

  • Speed dial someone who knows about your panic attacks

Hearing the voice of someone close to you and who is aware of your condition may be the most relieving feeling in case of a panic attack. A conversation with them will action like a distraction from your fear and an assurance that you have someone by your side. This is why it is recommended that your family and your close friends should be informed about your conditions. In such cases, besides the calming effect of their voice, you can also benefit from real support in fighting with the panic attack. Make sure that you have such a person on speed dial on your phone and make use of that feature whenever you need.

  • Use your senses

Dizziness and disorientation are two of the symptoms of a panic attack. They can make you feel like you’re no longer in a real world and give you a sensation of floating. This way, your fear will grow, and it will make the panic attack worse. You need to get rid of these symptoms as soon as possible, by making use of your senses. Touch something that is familiar to you, take your cologne and spray a little on your hand and then smell it, drink a glass of water or your favorite juice.

  • Make use of water

Getting into contact with water has a great effect on you when you have a panic attack. It will lower the intensity of your symptoms. So make use of it: splash it on your face, drink a glass of it or you can even take an ice cube in your hands and keep touching it.

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