Horse Tail Rejuvenation Cure for Your Skin and Bones

The effect of rejuvenation this herb presents is granted by its richness in silicon. As we grow older, the level of this mineral is diminished considerably, fact which determines the ageing of the skin, as well as the weakening of the bones.

horsetail remedy for skin and bones

Horse Tail – The Herb of Beauty and Youth

Horse Tail is also known as being the plant of juvenescence. It is abundant in organic silicon, this mineral being utterly vital for the right functioning of our body, which is why it’s wholly absorbed by the organism.

Studies have indicated that lack of silicon leads to the decreasing of bone density, therefore amplifying the risk of osteoporosis and fractures. As a result of silicon shortage, your body fails to assimilate calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. This aspect highly affects your skin, initiating the appearance of wrinkles and, at the same time, it is detrimental for your nails, hair, articulations and bones. Moreover, the insufficiency of silicon delays the healing process of wounds and injuries in your body.

Additionally, the deficiency of silicon actually determines the aging of both your skin and cellular tissues. Your complexion becomes wrinkly, the blood vases rigid, and your bone density is diminished significantly.

Horse Tail Rejuvenation Cure: Beneficial Impact on Your Body

  • Horse Tail powder – 1 tsp from 3 to 6 times a day;
  • Horse Tail tea – 4 to 6 cups a day;

This cure is supposed to last for 2 to 3 months, in order to observe visible effects on your skin and to feel your bones and tonus improved. I will enumerate a couple of the beneficial effects this horse tail cure presents for your body:

  • It improves the elasticity of your arteries;
  • It makes your skin smooth and shiny;
  • It strengthens your immune system;
  • It increases your body’s resistance;
  • It ameliorates your memory and capacity to concentrate noticeably;
  • It treats cellulite and stretch marks;
  • It strengthens your nails;
  • It thickens and reinforces your hair;
  • It enhances your scalp’s condition, preventing you from the development of rashes and dandruff spread;
  • It helps you lose weight;
  • It reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

The rejuvenation impact horse tail has on your skin is partially determined by the fact that silicon is part of a certain enzyme which is involved in the production of collagen – a natural component of vital significance for the health of your skin and cartilages. By introducing horse tail in your diet, the collagen quantity in your body is enlarged and, therefore, the evident result is an improved skin.

Other ingredients containing silicon are: bananas, bear, diary products and pees.

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