Homemade Oat Tincture – Nourishes and Balances Your Nervous System

Oat embodies a wide range of therapeutic properties which determine its significance among the herbs with healing properties. Besides that, it presents beneficial effects on the right functioning of your nervous system, while at the same time operating as a cerebral and general tonic for your body. This article provides you with the amount of information you need to prepare this tincture at home, and the situations in which its use is recommended.

oat tincture


  • 50 g oat grains
  • 200 g alimentary alcohol (70%)


Grind the oat grains using an electric coffee grinder. Then, place the obtained powder in a jar, after that add the alcohol. Close the jar hermetically and leave it to macerate for 15 days, at room’s temperature. Remember to shake the content two or three times a day.

After the macerating period has passed, strain the liquid thoroughly using a gauze, and store the obtained remedy in tiny dark glass bottles.

Take 40 drops before bedtime. You should dilute the drops with water or tea. When treating other affections, take 20 drops 3 times a day.

Therapeutic Indications

Oat is one of the best plants when it comes to nourishing our nervous system, thanks to its richness in mineral salts and complex B vitamins. These properties strengthen your body, growing your adaptability when it comes to stress.

Oat is an energizing ingredient, loaded with nutrients. It contains calcium, magnesium, silicon, selenium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, proteins, amino acids, tryptophan and unsaturated fats. Being loaded with fibers, oat is an efficient remedy in the treatment of digestive problems, particularly constipation.

The nun Hildegard von Bingen – the famous healer of the 12th century – would say that green oat is an excellent remedy in growing physical and mental tone. Recent studies prove that oat contains alkaloid nerving, which helps revitalize your nervous system.

Other situations in which oat tincture is recommended would be the following:

  • The treatment of insomnia and anxiousness;
  • The improvement of your sleep;
  • The treatment of nervous debility;
  • Ameliorating exhaustion associated with depression;
  • The enhancement of your state of mind;
  • To fight chronic fatigue;
  • To cope with physical weakness;
  • To deal with emotional stress;

In homeopathic medicine, oat tincture is also used as a treatment for a range of addictions: alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, drugs. That would be because oat embodies a certain substance called gramine, which plays a core role in treating these vices.

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