Homemade Natural Vitamin C

The synthetic vitamins that we buy from the drug store are just a chemical copy of the natural vitamins. The best vitamin C is the one that comes from the foodstuff. It’s not about how many milligrams of vitamin C we take, but about how much can the body absorb. The citrus peels contain very large quantities of vitamin C and they can be easily assimilated by the body.

Homemade Natural Vitamin C

Some buy and use ascorbic acid, believing that this means vitamin C. The ascorbic acids is just a very small part of the natural vitamin C. In reality, vitamin C is composed of much more co-factors like bioflavonoids, tyrosine and many other essential compounds for a maximum and complete biological activity of the vitamin C.

Natural Vitamin C – Recipe


– Orange peel

– Lime or lemon peel

– Grapefruit peel

– Dried rosehip

– Dried parsley


Wash a few citrus fruits with apple cider vinegar or baking soda, to wash away the possible pesticides and other chemical substances. Take the peel off and cut it in long strips. Put them on a fruit drier and leave them on for 12 hours. If you don’t own such a device, let the peels dry on a clean cloth in the sunshine. They will dry in a few days.

After they have dried, it’s time to transform the peels in a fine powder. Use the coffee grinder for this.

To increase the vitamin C dose, you can also add dried rosehip to this mixture. Wash the rosehips and cut them in half. Take out the fluffy seeds inside and let the fruits dry in baking pan covered with baking paper, in the oven. You could also use a fruit drier or an oven for toasting bread.

Another method of drying the rosehips is hanging them on a thread or string and keep them away from sunshine and moisture. In just a few days, the rosehips will dry and they will be ready for grinding or for adding them in the tea.

You can keep the vitamin C powder in a glass jar with a lid for almost 1 year.


Take 1 teaspoon per day with water or tea (try hibiscus tea because it’s rich in vitamin C), apple juice with beet, or a little bit of apple cider vinegar. This dose is recommended for both adults and children. Don’t mix this powder with hot drinks because they will destroy the enzymes.

Effects and Benefits

The dried lemon and orange peels are a natural source of hesperidin and can strengthen the blood vessels. They also contain bioflavonoids (with anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties) and monoterpenes (essential for healing the wounds).

Rosehips contain large amounts of vitamin C and they are extremely beneficial for preventing and treating colds, flu and vitamin C deficiency. These are useful for treating the digestive spasms, the acid deficiency in the stomach and ulcer, being seen as a stomach tonic for the intestinal diseases. They are also recommended for diarrhea, constipation, kidney stones, kidney diseases, water retention, gout, sciatica, back and knee pain, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, fever, weak immunity or poor circulation.

Red or yellow bell peppers, kiwi, broccoli, strawberries, parsley, coriander, watermelon and green leafy vegetables are other important vitamin C sources. They can be consumed raw, as juice, or you can grind them to mix them with the powder made of orange and lemon peels.

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  1. I drink warm lemon water at least twice a day. .really helps

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