Homemade Face Mask for Every Skin Type

Daily life can be a challenge not only for you but also for your skin, especially the skin on your face and hands. Whether you like it or not, your skin is exposed daily to all kinds of aggressions, for example, wind or cold. But sometimes, the harm doesn’t have anything to do with weather or nature. The different types of chemicals you use can seriously damage your skin. Not to mention that what you eat can be unhealthy and can threaten your skin, too.

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Some persons try to solve skin problems through makeup, but in fact, this is not a solution. Your skin cannot be glowing and healthy if you clog your pores every day with foundation, powder and so on. A proper care of the skin requires some small efforts even after you cleansed your face. For example, a natural mask could assure you the nutrients and vitamins that your skin need. Moreover, they are not as expensive as a cosmetic mask you can buy from a beauty shop, and generally, the ingredients are already in your kitchen. It is needless to say that DIY natural masks do not contain any preservatives or added chemical compounds.

Normal Skin

You can consider yourself lucky if you have normal skin. This type of skin looks beautiful as the years pass by and does not require some special care. You just have to make sure you keep it nourished, and this can be done with a natural mask like the following one, once a week.

Homemade mask: ½ glass of milk and ½ avocado – mash the avocado and mix it together with the milk. Apply the mask on your face and then rinse off.

Oily Skin

The most common problem with oily skin is that it looks greasy almost all the time. Consequently, it is important to remove the excess of grease and to cleanse the pores.

Homemade mask: 1 teaspoon lemon juice, one small banana, and two tablespoons honey – mix all the ingredients together and apply the paste on your face, especially on the T-zone.

Sensitive Skin

This is the type of skin that requires the most care. Usually, it is easily irritated and has some reddish areas. If you have sensitive skin, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist. He is the one who can provide you the right pieces of advice and can even prescribe you some special treatments. However, you should keep any toxic environment as far as possible.

An important step in your daily care routine for sensitive skin is to nourish it. Aloe Vera is one of the most used herbs in caring products because it has wonderful proprieties. It maintains the skin hydrated, and it assures its necessary vitamins – all these without irritating it. Furthermore, it has a calming effect.

Homemade mask: two tablespoons Aloe Vera, ¼ cup oatmeal, and two teaspoons honey – mix them all together and then apply the paste on your face. If your skin is sensitive to honey, you can use only the other two ingredients.

Dry Skin

It is not a pleasant sensation to feel your skin dry all the time. One way of taking care of it and moisturize it is by using a simple natural mask.

Homemade mask: ½ avocado and two teaspoons honey – mash the avocado and then add the honey.

Combination Skin

This type of skin also requires a special care. Every area should be treated in a specific way, as it is normal or greasy.

Homemade mask: for the normal areas, use the mask for normal skin, while for greasy areas like T-zone use the mask for oily skin.

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