Homemade Balm for Your Joint Pains

Joints connect the bones to each other. Through their support, you are able to move. When your joints are injured or affected, this fact will inevitably interfere with your ability to move and you will experience acute pain. This pain is usually felt in the knees, elbows, shoulders, giving you a general sensation of brokenness.

homemade balm for joint pain

What Factors Determine The Occurrence of Joint Pain?

It is a universal belief that joint pain appears as a result of aging. And that is partially available, as the risk of being affected by joint pain grows as you age. However, this does not always apply. On the contrary, there are situations in which this medical condition occurs to people even before reaching their 30’s. This is triggered by a wide number of medical factors including: osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, bursitis, fractures, rheumatism, fractures and so on.

One Third of the Adult Population Experiences Joint Pain

Furthermore, joint pain is an extremely common medical condition. It has been accounted in one national survey that one third of the adult population experiences joint pain in 30 days time. Knee pain was the most common joint pain, followed by shoulder and hip pain. Nonetheless, it can affect any part of your body.

How Can Joint Pain Be Treated?

Joint pain can be treated in several ways. You can either manage the pain by taking prescribed medication; you may prefer physical therapy, or alternative medicine. Be it you are the adept of alternative medicine or not, the recipe I am about to present to you is easy and within everybody’s reach to prepare, as the ingredients are to be found in everybody’s kitchen supplies. It is a Russian recipe, found in a medical book of alternative medicine practices.


  • 1 tbsp of organic honey
  • 1 tbsp baking soda powder
  • 1 tbsp salt
  • 1 tbsp spicy hot mustard

Mix the given ingredients altogether, then stir continually until you get a nice, consistent mixture. Place the obtained result in a clean recipient, preferably an empty cream box. The balm is better kept in the fridge.

Indications on How to Use the Remedy

Apply the remedy topically on the painful joints. Next, place a plastic bag on the affected skin and tie it loosely by using a scarf. You should keep the bag there for one to two hours, in order for the balm to implement its properties on the affected area.

It is recommended to apply the treatment before your bedtime. That would be because after having taken off the scarf, your joints will reside in fix position. Wash off the balm in the morning.

Repeat the procedure for 4 to 5 consecutive days. You will immediately notice the beneficial effects the balm exerts on your joints.

The basic ingredient that determines the effectiveness of this homemade remedy is mustard. Mustard aims at improving blood circulation and stimulating blood flow. Moreover, thanks to its warming effects when rubbed on the skin, this balm will help you relieve sore joints, and will loosen tightness. Additionally, the warming effect mustard has on your skin stimulates the release of toxins.

Further Use of This Remedy

Apart from its effectiveness in treating your sore joints, you can also use this balm in other situations. For instance, in case of disturbing headaches, apply this remedy on the forehead or temples. Also, when experiencing burning skin sensation or itchiness, apply it topically and the burning sensation will disappear.

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  1. the balm seems to be effective.the mustard used is yellow or black

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