Home Remedies For Kidney Stones – 5 Tips To Remedy Kidney Stones

If it is detected early enough, there are simple, efficient and inexpensive home remedies for kidney stones to help you and your family counter this painful disease. In fact you can pass a kidney stone quite easily if it is not too big.

The ingredients and materials to these remedies are easily obtainable and most likely already used at home.  The process is simple and straightforward and does not require one to be a specialist to do.  Since a kidney stone is a recurring condition, it is important to grasp these remedies to be in a position to act fast every time they appear.


Tip 1: Take extra bran and oats in your meals.  Since bran and oats contain a lot of fiber, they will assist in getting rid of calcium and other organic acids including oxalates that cause kidney stones.

Tip 2: Cut on the intake of salt.  Salt can form crystals in the kidney when taken in excess.  These crystals combine with other acids to form kidney stones.  One sure way to avoid this is by taking the minimum amount of salt in your food.

Tip 3: Make use of nettle leaf tea.  Nettle leaf tea has natural diuretic substances that help in increasing urine output.  Frequent urination means that more acid and wastes from the kidney are gotten rid of, reducing the chances of stones development.  Urine flushes away any bacteria thatmay be in the urinary tract as well, it is therefore not only good for treating kidney stones but the general body health as well.

Tip 4: Do not exceed recommended daily allowances of milk.  Milk is healthy and is often recommended for healthy living.  However, milk contains a lot of calcium that when taken in excess will lead to production of excess oxalate that cause kidney stones.


Tip 5: Eat more carrots and chicken – Vitamin A in carrots and chicken meat rich in B6 can play a big role in taming kidney stones.

These are easy to follow tips that can as well pass for the best home remedies for kidney stones.  With this said, it makes far more sense to prevent the condition ever occurring than having to cure the painful symptoms of kidney stones. The kidney remedy report can help prevent this condition from occurring and also has suggestions to pass a kidney stone if you are suffering. Check it out now.

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