Home Remedies for Hangovers

If you are the type of person who likes to party hard, then you surely know that the next day you have to pay the price. Hangover is characterized by dizziness, queasiness, muscle aches, pounding headache and sensitivity to sound and light. So, it seems that the night’s fun doesn’t last that much. Some say that the best remedy for hangovers is time, but most people don’t have that time. That’s when the home remedies enter the scene.

Home Remedies for Hangovers


These yellow fruits might be the best home remedy for hangover. One or two bananas consumed “the morning after” will supply you the amount of potassium that you lost because of alcohol consumption. At the same time, bananas contain essential minerals that will put you on your feet again and they’re cheap, safe and delicious. If you know that you’re going to drink, buy a couple of bananas beforehand.


Another potassium-rich product is honey. It also contains antioxidants and comes with numerous anti-hangover properties. You can eat 2 or 3 tablespoons of honey or you can consume it with a cracker or a slice of toasted bread. This was proved to help you beat hangover. Also, remember that eating during a hangover is important, even though your stomach might tell you otherwise.


Alcohol is a liquid, but it doesn’t hydrate your body. On the contrary, it dehydrates you. So, drinking water during a hangover is extremely important. There is a rule called “the 2 carafe rule” that says that you have to drink one carafe of water before going to bed and the second right after you wake up. Also, instead of taking painkillers and aspirin, we recommend you to take B-vitamins as they are more helpful for your organism and will help you detoxify.


We know that you don’t want to see any greasy food in your plate, so for this reason, we suggest you to stick to a warm bowl of soup. It has nutrients and vitamins and a great taste. Similar to the water, soup can rehydrate you. Opt for the classic chicken soup and add a little bit of spice because it will make you sweat and thus you will eliminate the toxins.

Fruit Juice

In order to replenish your body and increase your blood sugar levels, you have to consume juices made from freshly squeezed fruits. These will also offer you the necessary vitamins. Ginger ale is also a great option as it will clean your stomach. When it comes to beverages, we should warn you that you must avoid any caffeinated beverage, including coffee. The reason for this is that they are diuretics, meaning that they will dehydrate your body even more.


These vegetables, or fruits as some consider them, are extremely rich in the enzymes, minerals and vitamins that were taken away from you by alcohol. It also has fructose, a substance that will help your organism metabolize the booze. Try to drink a glass of tomato juice mixed with lime, sugar and cayenne pepper. It will put you on your feet in an instant.

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