Home Remedies to Cure Indigestion

Make sure that you cast an eye on the food you choose to eat. If you exaggerate you will pay the price, be sure of that. If you have the following symptoms, then you are clearly suffering from indigestion: bloating, nausea, gas, acidic taste, growling stomach and abdominal pain. No one is spared from indigestion, however this can increase with the high consumption of alcohol, an agitated lifestyle, excessive cigarette smoking or even a hectic way of eating( too much, too fast). Before trying these home remedies, you should also make an appointment to see your doctor to determine if you don’t have a more serious condition.947587025_1391554692

If you’re looking for some traditional remedies here’s a short list of the things that might be of use for you:

  • Ginger is well-known for reliving any stomach pain and for improving one’s digestion. A cup of ginger tea is the perfect remedy or even candied ginger.
  • Chamomile may be the oldest cures there is for indigestion, but it’s still one of the most effective ones. It will sooth your stomach just by drinking chamomile tea during the day.
  • Peppermint oils are ideal for intestinal muscle spasm and you will get rid of any nausea as well. If you rather choose the tea instead, make sure you add ½ teaspoons of peppermint in the water, it can be cold or hot. Keep in mind that peppermint tea does not work for heartburns.

There are some other chewable cures you can try. Fennel is great for fighting indigestion or nausea. DGL also known as deglycyrrizinted licorice will fix your stomach upset and you can purchase it from a health-food store.  You might not like the sour taste of the apple cider vinegar, but it’s an effective cure to try. Another simple fix which anyone should have at home is baking soda.  All you have to do is mix one teaspoon of baking soda in some water and bottom’s up! You will no longer have problems with bloating or gas.  Another remedy that will blow your mind, because it’s so easy to do is to sip a cup of hot water. A glass of flat cola or some ginger ale are also great alternatives to fix your indigestion issues. And the best part about these remedies is that they are not steep.

Remember to stay away from dairy products and grab the lactose-free products instead, the next time you hit the supermarkets. Fructose can also cause an abdominal discomfort as well as gas. But if you can’t let go of your fruit juices, you should start drinking them with a meal just to slow down their negative effect. It’s also important to eat take the time and chew the food. When you are wolfing food down, this will only cause the bloating sensation. And as a last friendly tip, make sure that you eat three hours before you go to sleep.  So take into account these tips and try various cures , because not all of them might work  for you.

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