Hawthorn and Valerian Tincture for Palpitations, Blood Pressure and Circulatory Disorders

Some of the plants that have the greatest effects on the circulatory, cardiovascular and nervous systems are the hawthorn and Valerian. You can use these plants for heart diseases, circulatory disorders and palpitations and the best way to take them is as tincture. Those who are willing to prepare the tincture at home can follow one of the recipes listed below.

Hawthorn and Valerian Tincture for Palpitations, Blood Pressure and Circulatory Disorders

Hawthorn Tincture – Recipe

This recipe is simple to make and it needs the following ingredients:

– 20 g of hawthorn

– 100 ml 70° alcohol

For this recipe, you can use the hawthorn flowers, leaves or fruits. Put all the plants and parts in a bottle and turn the alcohol over them. Close it tightly and let the mixture soak and infuse for 2 weeks. Remember to shake the bottle every day.

At the end of the 2 weeks, you must strain the tincture and pour it into small dark glass bottles. Keep them in a cold place or in the fridge.


Take 15 drops of the tincture, 3 times per day before every meal. The hawthorn tincture is extremely beneficial for the:

– High blood pressure

– Circulatory disorders

– Angina pectoris

– Dyspnea (difficulty in breathing caused by a heart disease)

Valerian Tincture – Recipe


– 20 g of Valerian powder

– 100 ml 70° alcohol

Grind the dried plant in the coffee grinder so obtain the Valerian powder. Put it in a bottle and add the alcohol. Let them soak for almost 8 days and at the end strain it and keep it in dark glass bottles.


In order to benefit from the amazing properties of this tincture, you must take 15 drops per day. You can efficiently use it for:

– Reducing excitation

– Promoting a relaxing and restful sleep

– Regulating the heart beat

– Reducing palpitations

If you don’t have the possibility to prepare these tinctures at home, then you can easily purchase them from the healthy food stores as they have the same effects. Just make sure that they only contain natural ingredients.

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