Golden Honey – The Miraculous Home-Made Remedy You Must Try

The natural antibiotic I am about to present is something you most certainly ought to remember, especially during the winter time when we are more likely to get sick, because of the imminent cold and the ever-changing weather. The recipe is based on turmeric, which is the main ingredient. It has amazing healing properties and it is definitely worth a try.

golden honey natural remedy

Growing popularity of homemade remedies

Lately, homemade remedies have increased their popularity, due to their amazing results, and the simple fact that they have no harmful repercussions on our health. For instance, this natural golden honey mixture can be presented as being a great way to enhance our immune system, at the same time being a reliable source of anti-inflammatory properties. Namely, you are able to strengthen your health without being at risk because of some side effects the antibiotic presents.

Advantages of using natural antibiotics

The most striking advantage of using homemade antibiotics is that while being really beneficial for your health, these remedies do not harm your digestive system or your intestinal flora. This is the main positive aspect that differentiates homemade remedies from synthetic antibiotics. Additionally to this, there is the aspect of proximity. You are able to make your own medicine at home at any moment, instead of going to a pharmacy to get it.

Why Turmeric?

Turmeric, the main ingredient of this homemade remedy, presents compounds with amazing medicinal properties. Moreover, it is a natural anti-inflammatory compound which empowers your body to fight against harmful foreign invaders. In addition to that, turmeric presents properties that fight various diseases, including cancer, therefore reducing the number of cancerous cells.

Another important function turmeric presents is that it has effective antioxidant properties. Therefore, it accelerates the antioxidant enzymes your body has.

Dating from more than five thousand years, turmeric has been used in Ayuvervedic medicine effectively. So, it has proven its healing features during time.

This combination of turmeric and honey – the miraculous homemade remedy – will enhance your digestion significantly, while strengthening your body to fight more efficiently against illnesses, such as the common cold, but even more harmful diseases, as mentioned above. It is a miracle-worker ingredient nature has to offer, and you must take advantage of it.


  • 3.5 oz/ 100 g organic honey (in its raw condition)
  • 1 tbsp ground turmeric

Blend the two given ingredients together. After stirring for a couple of minutes, you will obtain a smooth and even mixture. The homemade antibiotic should be held in a well-closed and clean jar.

How to consume it

When observing the first hints of a cold or flu, take the given homemade antibiotic as followed:

  • First Day: Half a teaspoon of the homemade antibiotic taken once an hour;
  • Second Day: Half a teaspoon in two hours’ time;
  • Third Day: Half a teaspoon three times during the day.

When taking the antibiotic, you should wait until it melts in your mouth, and after that, you can swallow it. It has been noticed that symptoms begin to fade after having used the remedy for three days.

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