A Glowing Skin with Natural Kiwi Masks

If you want to have a glowing skin, you must respect a thorough beauty program and you must also have a proper diet. From time to time, you can also spoil yourself with some refreshing and healthy face masks. For example, you can use kiwi masks that are incredibly beneficial for your skin. So, the tasty, tangy and juicy kiwis are not only good for fruit salads. By using kiwi face masks, you can be sure that your skin will be flawless, healthy, glowing and radiant. The kiwi fruit contains thrice the amount of vitamin C in an orange and can prevent the infections and boost the immune system. At the same time, it’s rich in minerals and can repair the body tissues. Finally, it includes vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids in its seeds and can prevent premature aging and free radicals’ damage. Now, let’s see some of the most beneficial kiwi face masks.

A Glowing Skin with Natural Kiwi Masks

Kiwi and Almond Mask

Both kiwis and almonds contain vitamin E. This vitamin combined with the vitamin C in the kiwis will cleanse your skin in an instant. Soak a couple of almonds and leave them in the water over the night. In the morning, you can crush them and prepare a fine paste. Add gram or besan flour and kiwi pulp. Apply the mask on your face and after it has dried, you can wash it off.

Kiwi and Banana

If you have a normal skin, you can make use of this mask. The nutrients in the banana will nourish your face. Use a mashed banana to mix with one tablespoon of yogurt and one mashed kiwi. Use the paste to apply on the face and after 15 minutes, you can cleanse it off with lukewarm water. Afterwards, you will have a soft and hydrated skin.

Egg Yolk and Kiwi

If you have opened pores on your skin, you can effectively use this mask. The egg yolks will clear and tighten the skin. Mix almond or olive oil (one tablespoon) with a mashed small kiwi. Add the yolk from one egg and mix the ingredients together. Put the paste on your skin and leave it on for almost 15 minutes. Use warm water to wash it off. The mask will leave your skin glowing.

Kiwi and Avocado

If you’re looking for a mask to fight ageing, then this is the one. The vitamins C, E and A in the avocado will nourish the skin and remove those fine lines. Mash a kiwi and half avocado until they become a paste. Add a teaspoon of honey and then apply the mixture on the face. After about 15 minutes, you can wash it off.

Kiwi and Lemon

This healthy mask is beneficial for those with blemishes and open pores and an oily skin. The lemon juice will rejuvenate the skin. So, mix fresh lemon juice with kiwi pulp and use a cotton ball to apply the mixture on the face. Let it cure for 15 minutes and then cleanse it.

Kiwi and Yoghurt

Thanks to this mask, your skin will be both glowing and nourished. Use kiwi pulp to mix with yoghurt (one tablespoon). Apply the mask on your face and leave it on for almost 20 minutes. Use warm water to wash it off.

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