Get Rid of Peeling Skin with These Home Remedies

Even though the peeling skin is not a severe condition, it can be quite disturbing, and it may lead to lower self-esteem. Usually, the use of inadequate cosmetic products, frequent washing, allergies, and excessive sun exposure are the factors that lead to skin peeling. However, this issue can be caused by a broad range of external factors, such as extreme weather conditions and irritating chemicals. If you live or work in an environment that causes this problem, you probably cannot change this, but you can try the following home remedies to get rid of your skin condition.

home remedies for peeling skin

Olive Oil

It is not a simple coincidence the fact that olive oil is used in so many cosmetic and skin care products. The advantages of this oil are amazing for your skin, and you can benefit from a healthy and shiny skin at home. Each time you feel like your skin starts to peel or is too dry, apply a thin layer of olive oil on the affected area. This home remedy can be used on a regular basis, especially if you want to keep your skin young-looking.

Sesame Oil

Another efficient remedy is sesame oil. If the beauty secret of European women is olive oil, the secret of women in Asia and Africa is this one. Sesame oil has antibacterial and anti-aging proprieties, which are excellent for peeling skin. Once the first skin layer is peeled off, the thin one underneath is exposed to a multitude of bacteria, which can cause an infection. But this home remedy prevents this from happening, and it also maintains the skin hydrated and healthy.


You have most probably noticed that many hydrating cosmetic products contain cucumber extract. But why not take advantage of its proprieties at home, in only a few minutes? If you want to heal and nourish your skin, you will need just a little cucumber juice. Peel a small one and then crush it, to obtain its juice. Then, with a cotton ball, apply the solution on the affected area and let it there for a few minutes. The next step is to rinse your skin with lukewarm water and enjoy your nourished skin.

Raw Honey

If your skin is irritated or you have to deal with excessive dryness, you can always count on honey and its proprieties. You can benefit from hydration and anti-bacterial effects in only 5 minutes. After you cleanse your skin, apply the liquid gold on the affected areas. After 5 minutes, rinse it off with lukewarm water. If you want to take full advantage of this natural remedy, go with organic, raw honey.

Aloe Vera

Another popular solution for all kinds of skin conditions is Aloe Vera. If you have such a plant in your house or garden, don’t hesitate to use it in order to cure your peeling skin. Break off a leaf, extract the gel, and then apply it on the affected spots. Being rich in vitamin E, this gel acts as an excellent skin moisturizer. Aloe Vera also keeps your skin young and firm.

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