Garlic Tincture: Useful For All Cardiovascular Conditions

Containing amazing antibacterial properties, garlic was rightfully called “nature’s penicillin.” 3,500 years ago, garlic was often described as a magical plant and thus it was one of the most powerful natural weapons against plagues that have taken place and was also used as a protective medicine. administrated for both internal and external purposes, like fungus, the ingestion of this ingredient can lead to bad breath. The garlic tincture can ease its taste and simplify the administration process.


It is administrated for both internal and external purposes, like fungus, but the ingestion of this ingredient can lead to bad breath. Garlic tincture can ease its taste and simplify the administration process.

The medicinal properties of garlic were well known even in medieval times and nowadays are confirmed by studies and animal experiments.

Being an effective remedy against diseases, this ingredient acts best against cardiovascular conditions and its beneficial effects recommend it also against infections.

Rich in vitamin B, vitamin C, and magnesium, garlic has antiseptic properties that act as a great vascular tonic and are used to treat rheumatic conditions like arthritis or gout.

Garlic tincture is used in case of atherosclerosis, atheromatosis, cardiac insufficiency, high blood pressure, hemorrhages, varix, superficial phlebitis, arterial or capillary brittleness, and so on.

Garlic tincture for cardiovascular problems

Ingredients : garlic cloves and 40-degree alcohol

Preparation: Peel the garlic cloves and place them in the juicer. The quantity of garlic juice must be mixed right away with the same amount of 40-degree alcohol.

Administration: Drink two or three teaspoons of the mix per day, for ten days. Repeat the treatment once a month.

The effects of garlic

Studies have shown that introducing garlic to your diet will have the effect of lowering your blood pressure, systolic pressure and diastolic pressure, especially in hypertensive patients.

It can also regulate the pulse, and due to its vasodilator properties over the coronary arteries, it will minimize the heart’s effort and eliminate cardiac rhythm disorders.

Garlic tincture will lower your cholesterol level and reduce the risk of arteriosclerosis, thrombosis and decrease vascular spasms. This tincture helps the circulatory system, has antihemorrhagic properties, prevents the forming of blood clots, varix, and hemorrhoids.

Patients with cardiac neurosis that suffer from palpitations can also benefit from the garlic’s mild calming effect on the organism.

Precautions and contraindications

Although garlic tincture is generally well tolerated, people may be skeptic considering its taste and smell. Rest assured that the taste will disappear if you crunch two or three coffee beans after taking the tincture. Also, an apple or a few parsley leaves will do the trick.

Although it’s a great remedy for a variety of health problems, garlic must be avoided in case of gastric, intestinal or hepatic problems. If you experience a hollow cough, whooping cough, pulmonary congestion or fever, avoid eating garlic for a few days.

During breastfeeding, do not consume garlic cloves or garlic tincture due to the fact that the taste and smell of it will change the taste of the milk. Other than that, infants can be affected by colics.

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