Garlic Ointment – Recipes for Candida, Sinusitis and Other External Conditions

Garlic is without doubt one of the most powerful natural remedies of all times. It is extremely efficient in treating numerous ailments and sometimes it can even surpass the modern over-the-counter medicines, including the antibiotics. The specialists say that we should consume 1 or 2 garlic cloves per day to keep the doctor away. What not many people know is that garlic is also efficient when used externally. For example, the garlic ointment is an extraordinary remedy for infections and skin conditions.

Garlic Ointment – Recipes for Candida, Sinusitis and Other External Conditions

Garlic Ointment for Infections – Recipe

For this salve, you will need the following ingredients:

– 3 crushed garlic cloves

– 3 tablespoons of coconut oil

– 3 tablespoons of oilve oil


Let the coconut oil melt in a pot, then add the olive oil and stir well. Be very careful not to let the oils boil. You only need to warm them up a little bit. Turn off the heat and add the crushed garlic. Put the solution in a blender and mix at low speed and then at high speed for about 2 minutes.

Strain the mixture using a strainer and put it in a clean jar. Close it tightly and keep it in the refrigerator. After about 1 hour, the mixture will become solid and you will have a thick cream. This garlic ointment can be used for the next 2 weeks. Stop using it after this period. You can also add 2 drops of oregano oil to the recipe before you put it in the fridge. This will boost its efficiency.

How to use it

This extraordinary ointment can be applied directly on the affected area and it can kill the infections caused by bacteria, viruses or candida. Massage it into the skin and it will get directly into the blood flow.

It is a natural product and it is safe even for kids. Use it on the children’s legs to wipe away infections.

1. You can treat sinus infections or sinusitis by using the garlic ointment on the nostrils.

2. Apply the ointment on the chest for pneumonia and colds.

3. Apply the product directly on the wound, inside the mouth, if you suffer from oral candida.

4. Reduce itching by applying the ointment on your feet (if you suffer from athlete’s feet) or in the genital area (if you suffer from candida).

5. Apply it directly on your rashes.

6. If you suffer from candida, you can insert some ointment in a gelatin capsule and insert it in the vagina or the rect.

7. If you suffer from ear infections, you can use a cotton ball to apply the ointment internally.

Garlic Ointment for Skin Disorders – Recipe


– 1 large garlic

– 150 g of clarified / boiled butter

– 1 small piece of clean beeswax


Peel the garlic and crush it, then mix it with the butter. Put the mixture in a bain-marie pot and insert it in the oven. Reduce the heat to the minimum and leave the pot in for about 3 hours.

After tha, strain the solution and add the beeswax. Stir well until the wax is melted and the mixture becomes homogeneous. Let the solution rest for 15 minutes, then mix it well for 10 minutes. This is your cream and you can now put it in small containers. Let them sit in the fridge for another 6 hours and after that you can use the ointment.

How to use it

Use the garlic ointment to apply on the affected area in a thin layer. Apply it 3 times per day or more, depending on how serious your condition is. Rub the cream until it’s absorbed into the skin. You can use this product for the following conditions:

– Cough or asthma

– Corns

– Rheumatism

– Cracked heels

– Bug bites

– Mycosis

– Hemorrhoids

– Warts

If you want to use the ointment for rheumatic pain, bug bites, cough or asthma, then you can mix it with a few drops of peppermint oil.

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