Eliminate Dark Circles Using Only One Ingredient

If you are in need of a natural remedy against your dark circles, we have the perfect solution. This remedy includes a common ingredient that is used in a wide array of beauty products. Almond oil is the solution for the puffiness under the eyes, reducing wrinkles and making unsightly shadows go away while hydrating the eye area. If you want to recover your youthful skin, then it is time to move to the kitchen and prepare an amazing mixture that will help you get rid of all the problems.

almond oil for dark circles

Dark Circles

Dark circles are inestetique patches of bruised looking skin that appear under your eyes. These little “pest” adds years on your face, just like wrinkles do. The bad news about dark circles is that they don’t occur only during the aging process. Even children can develop them. Even though it may look like the skin below your eyes is discolored, dark circles can be caused by puffy lower lids. Sometimes, these cast a dark shadow under your eyes.


The most common causes of dark circles are allergies, smoking, dehydration and genetics. All these factors restrict the blood flow in the eyes area. This results in the dilatation of the blood vessels around your eyes. The skin is so thin and delicate in that area, that the dark circles just pop out.

Benefits of Almond Oil

Almond oil has amazing properties. It is a natural emollient which means that it is great for softening the skin. It is so effective because it can hold in the moisture. It can reduce dark circles under the eyes that are caused by skin dehydration. Also, almond oil has natural anti-inflammatory properties so it can reduce puffy lower eyelids.

How to Use the Oil

Every morning and every night, massage the area under your eyes with almond oil. By gently spreading the oil on the affected area, you can get rid of the annoying black circles with no side effects. If you are not a fan of oily massages, you can make a paste and apply it under the eyes as a mask. In order to do this, just mix equal parts of honey and almond oil, stir until it is perfectly blended. After you made your paste, apply it as a mask under your eyes. Let the mixture work for at least 10 minutes and wash it all off. Do not expect obvious results right away. If you want it to work, apply this mask on a daily basis and after a few weeks, you will notice how the area looks fresher and smoother.

Be Careful

Even though almond oil has so many benefits, it is better to use caution when you use this substance. Especially if you are pregnant, there is a higher risk to develop an allergy. The oil is considered safe but some people don’t react to it in the best way possible. It can cause irritation on the skin around your eye, so make sure you don’t put the oil directly in your eyes.

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