How to Effectively Treat Baldness?

Baldness is a problem that affects both men and women and it is, without any doubt, a nightmare for anyone suffering from it. In the past, this problem used to affect only the older people, but nowadays, you can also see it among the younger individuals. The hair loss is mainly caused by improper nutrition and the lack of essential minerals and vitamins in the organism. The genetics can also be responsible for baldness. There are various over-the-counter treatments that can be used to treat this problem and there is also the hair transplantation, but you can also call on simple and more affordable home remedies to help you.

How to Effectively Treat Baldness?

Oil Massage

In order to prevent the hair loss, you must stimulate the hair roots. Thus, you can choose any type of essential oil you like and simply massage it into the scalp. The blood circulation will be increased and stimulated and, as a result, the hair growth will be accelerated. Moreover, the oil massage can also prevent dandruff, another cause that can stop the hair from growing.

Fenugreek Seeds

The fenugreek flour or powder is also extremely helpful in treating baldness. Soak your hair in buttermilk or clean water and after that apply the flour or the powder. Leave the paste on your hair for almost 60 minutes and then use lukewarm water to wash it. Repeat this remedy weekly so as to stop the hair fall and help the hair follicles regenerate.


Eggs are rich in proteins and our hair is made of proteins. So, in order for the hair to grow, it needs proteins. This can also prevent the hair fall. Beat a couple of eggs and put the paste on the hair root and then apply it on the rest of the hair. Leave the solution on for 60 minutes and after that wash it off. You may not like the smell of this remedy, but it is one of the best treatments for promoting hair growth. At the same time, the eggs will leave your hair bouncy, shiny and silky.

Honey and Onion

The hair roots are triggered by the onion compounds and the honey will leave your hair silky and healthy. Mix some honey with finely chopped onion and apply the solution on the areas where you have bald patches. The remedy will promote the growth of the hair if you repeat it for a couple of weeks. Make sure to wash your hair thoroughly when eliminating the mixture, so as to remove the onion smell.

Lime and Black Pepper

Mix lime juice with ground black pepper and apply the solution on the affected areas. Leave it on for a few minutes and then wash it off. Both the lime and the black pepper have the ability to stimulate the hair roots and promote the hair growth. The lime juice will also treat dandruff.

Aloe Vera

Use aloe vera gel or paste to apply on the scalp and on the hair. This remedy will not only prevent the hair fall, but will also balance the pH levels and will remove dryness, leaving your hair hydrated and nourished.

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