Eat Honey Infused Garlic On An Empty Stomach And Stay Healthy

Garlic is a wonder ingredient that you should include in your everyday diet. It gives an amazing flavor to various meals, but it can also be used as a potent natural remedy for many health issues.


If you eat raw garlic, you benefit from all its powerful benefits such as improving heart health, lowering cholesterol, preventing heart attacks, lowering high blood pressure and reversing the effects of atherosclerosis.

Garlic has been, and it is still used in rural areas as a natural remedy to treat colds, hay fever, fungal infections, bug bites and traveler’s diarrhea. It can also boost the immune system and help the body eliminate harmful toxins. Regular consumption of garlic can also help treat enlarged prostate, diabetes, and osteoarthritis. When you combine it with ginger and onion, you can detox your body from chemotherapy.

How to Use Garlic

The active compound in garlic is allicin which is denaturalized when you use the ingredient in cooked foods. That is why the best way to benefit from its properties is to consume it raw. Crush and finely chop the clove and let it sit for 15 minutes before eating it. During this time the allicin will become more bioavailable.

Always remember to eat garlic on an empty stomach. When the stomach is already filled with food, the body is not able to absorb all the nutrients.

Garlic and honey

Garlic fights fungal, viral and bacterial infections, working as a natural antibiotic. Honey also has antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties, so when you combine the two ingredients, you get a powerful treatment for flu, colds, and sore throat.

When it’s infused with honey, garlic becomes more palatable and even tasty. Chop 2-3 cloves and mix them with a spoonful of honey. When you notice the first signs of flu, cold or a sore throat, start taking honey infused with garlic and also try to eat one clove at every two hours for the first day, then decrease the amount to two cloves per day.

Prepare a jar with this mixture and keep it in the fridge for when the cold season sets in. You can eat the honey infused garlic after a few days, and it tastes even better over time.

 How to Make a Garlic Flu Tonic

Chop five cloves, half a yellow onion, two chili peppers and a small piece of ginger. Add a spoonful of apple cider vinegar and the juice from one lemon. Take a 350 – 500 ml mason jar and add the onion first, then the garlic, red chili, and ginger. Add the lemon juice and then the apple cider vinegar. Keep the jar in a dark and cold place. You can use this tonic to boost your energy level and to help your immune system fight off bacteria and viruses.

This is an amazing way to use garlic any time of the day, without having to deal with the garlic breath. Remember – garlic should be part of your everyday diet so don’t forget to include it in your meals.

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