DIY Exfoliators You Must Try Out

How do you feel about replacing the run-of-the-mill micro bead with more environmentally-friendly alternatives, which will grant your skin a youthful, reinvigorating glow? Consider the following DIY exfoliators, which are all natural and full of beneficial properties! Take advantage of nature’s wonders!

diy exfoliators

  • Coffee grounds

Mix a handful of coffee grounds with some organic, aromatic coconut oil and voila – a flavorful, all natural scrub which will allow your skin to breathe in, stimulating the blood circulation and will aim at helping you get rid of all that unpleasant cellulite! Pretty cool, right? The no 1 enemy of cellulite is caffeine, which grants your skin a youthful appearance and provides it with natural antioxidants! It does not smell that bad either, does it?

  • Grains

Grains are utterly miraculous when scrubbed on your skin. They aim at softly removing all that unwanted bacteria from your pores, which may lead to the appearance of bothersome blackheads. Try an oatmeal DIY scrub to diminish any sorts of inflammations or swelling! It’s highly effective!

  • Sugar

This sweet DIY exfoliator is all natural and chemical-free. And why not admit it – it’s cheap! One reason why sugar is such a great alternative is that it functions as a humectant, aiming at absorbing all the moisture from your skin, leaving it highly hydrated and neat.

Secondly, it’s a viable choice for every skin type, as it gets soaked in quite quickly. You may combine this sweet ingredient with a range of other natural ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil, lemon juice, smashed banana and so on, and you may benefit from an organic, accessible scrub, that makes your skin look utterly great!

  • Seeds and shells

Treat any rough area on your body with a DIY scrub incorporating grounded shells of walnuts, or grape seeds! Make sure not to use it if you have sensitive skin, as it may lead to getting it inflamed. Also, keep in mind that this scrub is recommended for elbows, knees or ankles.

  • Rice powder

Besides being a great ingredient in cooking all sorts of delicious dishes, rice can be utterly beneficial for your skin as well! Just give this DIY rice powder scrub a go and it will softly clean your complexion from bacteria and dirt! It’s a great option especially for oily complexions, being an effective remedy in treating eczema or acne!

You can try mixing some rice powder with an odorless cream face in order to create a face mask. Leave it for 20 minutes and then rinse off using warm water. Make sure to hydrate your face correspondingly afterwards by applying a soft moisturizer.

  • Marshmallow root

Marshmallow root is an amazing DIY scrub for those suffering from acne, rashes or eczema. Just rub it gently on your face and it will act like a natural eraser!

  • Salt

Salt is no gentle DIY. However, it’s worth giving it a shot, as it is among the most efficient ones out there. By gently massaging it on your face, you will boost your blood circulation, relax your muscles and eliminate any remaining dead cells on your skin.

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  1. I stopped buying all this stuff years ago. Is anyone else aware that our fingerprints are the best and most gentle exfoliatiors?

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