Diabetes Diet: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


Normal blood sugar level is balanced by several processes involved in glucose metabolism. However, in many cases, the glucose blood level is not normal, which leads to hypoglicemia and diabetes.

The best diet for diabetics is the personalized diet. In any case of Type I diabetes, food must be properly balanced in nutrients: fat, carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Moreover, it is obligatory to add insulin injections to this treatment. In case of type II diabetes, the main treatment relies in nutrition and diet.


Diabetics are often overweight – fat tissue emphasis peripheral resistance to insulin, thus supporting diabetes. So a diabetic person must first reach a normal weight, by eating low carbohydrate foods that quickly absorb.


• Low carbohydrate vegetables: tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, greens, carrots, spinach, leeks, endive, green beans, green salad.
• Starchy foods that must be eaten less frequently and in smaller quantities: potatoes, beans, rice, cereal, bread.
• Eggs – about 3 per week
• Chicken, fish or turkey, oven, grill steam or boiled healthy dishes
• Cheese
• Fruits: nuts, raw nuts, raw sunflower seeds


• Bread – a few slices a day, but it’ best to eat without bread
• Corn, potato, rice
• Fruits: citrus, bananas, apples, about 1-2 fruits a day (rarely very sweet fruit: grapes, watermelon)

• Reduce oil consumption to half a liter per month. Cook without oil, even oil-free salad. Reduce fat foods: butter, margarine, sausages (which contain more fat than meat), canned meat pies, processed oils (it is recommended to use only virgin oils uncooked), rarely cream.

• Sugar is prohibited in diabetes. Use sugar substitutes rarely, only when is absolutely necessary. Usually, fruits and vegetables compensate the need of sugar, and fruits contain a healthy type of sugar, without any toxicity.


Morning: coffee milk (250 gr.), bread (60 gr.) cheese (100 gr.) and pepper

Snack: bread (40 gr.) butter (20 gr.) baloney (100 gr.), fruit (100 gr.

Lunch: vegetable clear soup with croutons (bread 100 gr.), meatballs with vegetables and mashed potatoes (150 gr.), lettuce, bread (60 gr.), stewed with saccharin (100 gr. fruits

Snack: cottage cheese (50 gr.) with tomatoes and bread (40 gr.), fruit (100 gr.)

Dinner: salad, bread (40 gr.), rice pudding with meat, egg cream (a cup)

At bedtime: milk (250 ml.) and bread (20 gr.)
Total calories: 2800 a day


Breakfast: tea with saccharin, bread (20 gr.), cheese (50 gr.)

11.30: yogurt (250 gr.)

Time 15: tomato soup with vegetables, casseroles, meat (100 gr.) and potatoes (150 gr.), xoleslaw, bread (40gr.)

Time 18: gelatin fruit (100 gr.) and whipped cream

Time 21: carp baked with carrot garnish (200 gr.) and red foam gris (15 gr. Semolina) with milk (250 gr.) and apple shaved (200 gr.), bread (40 gr.)
Total calories: 1600/day

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