Dangerous Factors that Will Overdrive Your Heart

The best way to live longer is to protect your heart. If you choose to ignore the good habits that can boost your heart’s health, a lot of bad things can happen. The causes of heart disease are innumerable. An unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, drinking, smoking and many others can bring you more trouble than you think. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, then you must get rid of some really bad habits that will overdrive your heart.

risk factors for your heart

  • Sitting in Front of the TV

At the end of your day, you usually sit in front of your TV or computer. You just lay there, doing nothing. On top of that, you are probably eating something as well. You don’t think that is something that can do you harm. In your terms, this is just relaxing after a long day. Your heart doesn’t think like that. Apparently, sitting is the new “smoking” for the heart.

  • Sleep Depravation

If your body isn’t fully rested, your heart won’t be as well. Being in a constant state of stress, your body will produce hormones that increase the risk of heart attack. Seven hours of sleep a night will benefit your cardiovascular health. Let’s face it! Most of us don’t get to sleep this much per night. Still, if you spend 7 or 8 hours in bed and you are still feeling exhausted, you should pay your doctor a visit.

  • High Blood Pressure

High cholesterol levels can really have a devastating effect on your heart. They cause high blood pressure which is a major risk for a heart stroke. It doesn’t show any warning signs, so you will have to check yourself out regularly. Eating unhealthy, fat and processed foods will do you no good.

  • Being Overweight

We are always in a constant worry so we mostly go for fast food, processed foods and other bad meal choices. The consumption of these products makes us overweight. Being overweight increases the odds of developing heart disease. Extra weight, especially in your midsection, raises the risk even higher. Try to talk to a nutritionist about losing weight. Even the slightest change in your weight can do your heart a good.

  • Smoking

Smoking a few cigarettes a day will give your heart away. Compared to those who do not smoke, the “puffers” develop twice the risk of having a heart attack. Many of the chemicals in cigarettes damage the arteries. Also, bad cholesterol can create a clog in the arteries. In order to live more, quit smoking. If you decide to give up this vice early, you will dramatically cut your risk of heart disease.

  • Delaying an Appointment Forever

People developed the habit of delaying the visits to the doctors in favor of other things. If you continue to do this, your heart will pay the price. Make an appointment once and for all and find out what is up with your body. The diseases always take you by surprise. Not this time! Take care of your heart!

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