Cure Vertigo with 5 Home Remedies

Vertigo is a sensation of dizziness during which you feel that your environment or you are tilting, moving, falling or spinning when in fact there is no movement at all. There are other symptoms that accompany this condition: temporary hearing loss, nausea, tinnitus, loss of balance and vomiting. Vertigo can be the symptom for more serious diseases and it must not be confused with the dizziness or the nonspecific lightheadedness. The common vertigo is triggered by the otoliths, a problem with the calcium particles located in the inner ear. This issue affects the older people in particular. Vertigo can also be caused by migraines, head injuries, vestibular neuronitis, Meniere’s disease or labyrinthitis. Some medications can also have as side effect the vertigo. This condition can be treated with the following home remedies.

Cure Vertigo with 5 Home Remedies

1. Ginkgo Biloba

This traditional herb has been used for thousands of years by the Chinese medicine. It is helpful in diminishing the dizzy sensation because it stimulates the blood flow to the nervous system and the brain. Use the ginkgo biloba extract and take up to 160 milligrams of it daily. Divide the dose in three smaller doses that you will take throughout the day. You must continue the treatment for 3 months and the first positive signs will be noticed after almost 12 weeks.

2. Cardamom

The cardamom has numerous health properties and a soothing smell. For this remedy, you must heat some sesame oil (2 teaspoons) and add cardamom and cinnamon powder, ½ teaspoon of each. Let the oil cool down a little and then use it to massage the head. Let it cure for a couple of hours and then wash it off. Repeat the treatment for a couple of weeks and apply it 3 to 4 times weekly.

3. Valerian

Sometimes the vertigo can be caused by nervous exhaustion. If this is your case, then the valerian can come in handy. This plant will also cure anxiety and insomnia. Prepare a valerian tea with one cup of water and dried valerian (1 teaspoon). Drink the tea 3 times per day and repeat the remedy for 3 weeks. You can also take valerian tincture (one teaspoon) two times per day for up to 3 weeks. Valerian can be addictive, so avoid taking it for a prolonged period of time.

4. Lemon Balm

This herbal remedy can alleviate conditions such as vertigo, anxiety, nervous tension, depression, insomnia, migraines and hypertension. It is also beneficial for the circulatory and nervous systems. Moreover, it comes with antiviral qualities. Prepare a tea with dried lemon balm (1 teaspoon) and a cup of water. Boil them together and then drink the tea several times per day. Continue the treatment for a couple of weeks. The lemon balm oil is also useful. Inhale it directly for a couple of seconds.

5. Ginger

This is another helpful remedy for vertigo. It relieves nausea and stimulates the blood circulation to the nervous system, thus curing vertigo. You can alleviate this problem by chewing a ginger slice regularly. At the same time, you can drink a ginger tea two times per day for a couple of weeks. If you are taking blood pressure, antidiabetic or anticoagulant medicine, you should avoid taking ginger.

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