Cucumber Slices and Witch Hazel for Eye Itching

Itchy eyes are most of the times a symptom for an allergy and it is often accompanied by coughing, sneezing and a stuffy nose. If you suffer from this condition, you will immediately feel like rubbing or scratching your eyes, but this is the worst thing you can do because the eye irritation will be aggravated. Instead, so as to get relief from this problem, you can use a few simple home remedies. Just choose the one that you find more convenient from the following list:

Cucumber Slices and Witch Hazel for Eye Itching


The cucumber slices are some of the most common remedies for various eye conditions, including eye inflammation, itching and irritation. It is an incredibly simple remedy. Cut 2 cucumber slices and put them in cold water. Keep them there for 10 minutes and after that apply them over your closed eyes. They will reduce the soreness and soothe the eyes.

Witch Hazel

Eye inflammation can also be treated with witch hazel. Soak one or two cotton balls in witch hazel and then apply them over your eyes. The plant has astringent properties and will reduce the eye itching and swelling.

Black or Green Tea Bags

Both black and green teas are rich in bioflavonoids and can fight against bacterial and viral infections. At the same time, they can offer relief from eye itching and inflammation. Apply a moist black or green tea bag on the eyes and keep it on for a few minutes. Repeat the remedy about 6 times daily so as to get relief. In case your eyes are also swollen, you must put the tea bag in cold water. The itchiness of the eyes will disappear thanks to the tannic acid on the tea. You can also prepare a mild tea solution and wash your eyes with it.

Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera is a miraculous plant that is used for numerous conditions. In case you want to utilize it for itchy eyes, you must extract the gel from the plant’s leaves and freeze it. Add some cold water and then soak some cotton balls in it and apply them on the itching eye. This remedy is extremely soothing and will offer relief from inflammation.


Grate one small potato and then apply it on the closed eyes. This vegetable has astringent properties and can reduce the inflammation and the itching. You can also make a poultice with potatoes and apply it on the affected eye for about 15 minutes. You can get rid of eye inflammation if you use this remedy for 3 consecutive nights.

Castor Oil

Eye itching can also be treated with castor oil. Use only 100% pure castor oil. Insert a drop in the itchy eye. Do this three times daily. This natural oil has anti-inflammation qualities and can reduce the irritation and the swelling and soothe the eye from the very first application.

There are various other remedies that you can use in order to get rid of the annoying eye itching. Some of the most popular are frozen vegetables, chilled spoons, drinking water and cold compresses.

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