Colon Cleansing Diet

The colon is a section of the intestine and it acts as a power station and a system of managing the waste products for the entire body. Numerous doctors believe that the toxins stored in the body represent the main cause for the apparition of various diseases. To maintain a healthy colon and body, the specialists recommend the diets for cleansing the colon.

Colon Cleansing Diet

When Do We Need Detoxification

Halitosis, the white deposits on the tongue, nervousness, lack of concentration, constipation and increased appetite for sweets are just some of the signs that indicate the necessity of a colon detoxification. The accumulation of toxins in the colon can cause blockage and can be the beginning of numerous disorders and symptoms:

– Abdominal cramps

– Halitosis or unpleasant body odor

– Vaginal infections (yeast infection)

– Toenail fungus

– Kidney infections

All these diseases associated with colon problems can be solved with the help of a detoxifying diet that will also help you lose the extra pounds. A diet that is poor in nutrients and is only based on fried dishes, sugars, caffeine, alcohol and salt is the main cause for the accumulation of toxins in the colon, which leads to its improper functions.

Colon Cleansing Diet

For breakfast, you must consume foods that can be easily digested and that are rich in fibers, such as fruits and whole cereals. It is also indicated to drink 1 liter of water of herbal tea to facilitate the purification process. One of the advantages of fruit consumption is that they contain few carbohydrates, which means that you can consume as many as you wish. The fruits will cleanse the body and supress the appetite for other products.

The dietitians say that it’s not indicated to combine proteins and carbohydrates at the same meal. To digest these substances, the body needs a sort of digestive liquid. When proteins and carbohydrates are consumed together, they have the tendency to neutralize each other, making the digestive system functions harder. That’s why flatulence and constipation occur.

The Detoxification of the Colon with Lemon Juice

Before beginning this diet, you must first cleanse the colon. This will help eliminate the toxins from the body and will ease the detoxification process of the colon.

The recipe for cleansing the colon is extremely simple. To begin with, you must perform a minimal cleansing of the colon. Add one teaspoon of sea salt in a glass of purified warm water and drink it immediately. Drink this mixture at home or straight in the toilet because it acts incredibly fast. Drink 2 glasses of this solution per day, one in the morning and the other in the evening, before bedtime.


– 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice

– 2 tablespoons of natural maple syrup

– One pinch of cayenne powder

– 280 ml of pure water

Mix all the ingredients and divide the solution into multiple doses, so as to drink around 1.700 liters of the solution. You should also increase the water consumption to facilitate the detoxification. The persons who try this diet for the first time should follow this treatment for only 3 days. If there aren’t any issues, the next time, they can follow the diet for 14 days. It’s good to keep in mind that this diet must not be used on the long term to lose weight, but to periodically detoxify the colon. This can be done several times per year.

Following this diet, people can eliminate 10 – 20 kilos of stool that has been stored in the intestine and colon and that is full of toxins.


There are numerous healthy benefits associated with the detoxification of the colon:

– A brighter and cleaner skin

– Regulation of the bowel movement

– Stamina increase

– The body will absorb more vitamins and minerals

– An overall feeling of wellbeing

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  3. Our colon hydro-therapist told me that it’s also important to manually wash the anal canal every time you shower. Humans are the only primates that don’t do that!

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