Coffee Helps in Easing the Damage Caused by Alcohol

How many of you start your day by drinking a large, nice cup of coffee? I bet most of you do. Whether you like it hot, with cream or just plain old coffee, it is always something everyone enjoys in the morning.

effects of coffee against alcohol damage

On the other hand, there is another drink that is just as popular as coffee, and that is known as alcohol. As opposed to coffee, alcohol is not beneficial for your health (if you drink more than a glass), and it can cause serious health problems along the way. But unfortunately, not many can stop at that single glass of alcohol, and the higher intake puts a strain on your body, causing your world to turn upside down. Those who abuse on their alcohol intake have a greater chance of developing many diseases, especially liver cirrhosis.

Fortunately for both coffee lovers and alcohol lovers, coffee can reverse the negative effects caused by alcohol. Two cups of coffee per day are said to be able to reverse the liver damage and prevent the disease from spreading.

Coffee Keeps Your Liver Healthy

Studies show that 2 cups of coffee per day can make you 44% less susceptible to developing liver cirrhosis. For those who are avid coffee lovers, this is brilliant news, because cirrhosis is the cause of millions of deaths everywhere, every year. Cirrhosis is usually caused by the consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol, but has also other factors such as immunity related problem, fatty liver and hepatitis. Liver cirrhosis causes more deaths than we would like to admit, and the sad part is that there is no cure for it. However, it can be prevented.

Who would have thought that such a common ingredient like coffee would fight off nasty disease like liver cirrhosis? It’s cheap, it’s loved, and it’s one of the best ways to treat or prevent the disease.

Coffee is the Best Way to Fight Cirrhosis

And we don’t say it based on nothing. Studies have been conducted on patients with cirrhosis, and effects were studied with each dosage:

  • 1 cup of coffee: lowers the risk of cirrhosis by 22%
  • 2 cups of coffee: prevents cirrhosis by 43%
  • 3 cups of coffee: decreases the risk of cirrhosis by 57%
  • 4 cups of coffee: makes you 65% less likely to develop cirrhosis problems

These results were put in comparison with people who don’t like or drink coffee. But even though coffee can prove to be the best ally against cirrhosis, things such as the origin of the beans, lifestyle habits and brewing techniques also need to be taken into consideration.

Still, even though coffee is recommended to treat this disease, studies also warn against the high amounts of sugar found in many beverages such as lattes, cappuccinos, and hot chocolates from cafes or fast food chains. In order to keep the effects of coffee on the positive side, it is recommended that you drink it simple, with no additives in it.

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