GARLIC and LEMON recipe for cleansing the BLOOD and ARTERIES

The combination of garlic and lemon can ensure that you have a healthy organism, sheltered from illness. In some cases, it can even repair the damage done by bad cholesterol.

The beneficial properties of lemons cover a large range, from antioxidants, that dissolve the lipids and keep your cholesterol in check, Vitamins A, and C that offer your organism a boost, especially during cold season, and a complex of B vitamins and minerals that provide necessary nutrients for your body.


Garlic, on the other hand, protects your arteries from developing clots which can lead to heart problems such as arteriosclerosis or even stroke.

Here are 3 ways to use a mixture of lemon and garlic and stay protected!

First recipe

Ingredients: 6 lemons and 30 cloves of garlic

Preparation: First, you have to peel the garlic cloves and the fruits and cut them into small pieces. Blend the ingredients using a blender and move the concoction into a pot.

After that, add 2 liters of water and let the mix boil on medium fire. When it’s starting to sizzle, decrease the heat and let it stew for ten minutes, then turn off the heat and wait for the mixture to cool off.

Transfer only the liquid part of the mix into a glass bowl by using a strainer.

Administration: Take 50 ml for three weeks, take a break for one week, then repeat for another three weeks. The recipe can be repeated at six-month intervals.

Second recipe

Ingredients: 30 cloves of garlic and six lemons

Preparation: Remove the peels from the garlic cloves and lemons and cut them into little pieces. Put half of them into a vitamizer, add water in the machine and start blending them.

Use a metal pot to add the first batch, then apply the procedure to the rest of the ingredients. Let the mix boil till it’s starting to sizzle and leave it for 5 minutes on low heat.

Again, let it cool off, use a strainer to separate the liquid from the solids and place in the fridge.

Administration: Drink one glass per day for the course of 3 weeks, then pause for one week and repeat for another three weeks. Use this technique every six months.

Third recipe

Ingredients: One cup of garlic juice, one of ginger juice, one of lemon juice, one of apple cider vinegar and three cups of honey

Preparation: Put all the ingredients together, except the honey, and add them to a metal pot. Proceed to boil the mix for 30 minutes at medium fire. Check if the mixture has diminished to only 3 cups. If not, let it cook a while longer. Afterward, let it cool off at room temperature.

Put in the honey and fuse them together by blending well the ingredients. Move the mix to a glass recipient and store in the fridge.

Administration: One tablespoon every morning, before breakfast.

Each of these three recipes are based on the healing properties of lemons and garlic, that become more powerful when mixed together, so whatever technique you choose to embrace, it will ensure that your body becomes healthier.


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