Caffeine – The Natural Remedy For Baggy and Puffy Eyes

Looking pretty and always fresh is a challenge that we all have. One of the most sensitive areas on our face that shows the early signs of aging, the lack of sleep, allergies or stress is the one around the eyes. Dark circles, puffiness and bags under the eyes make us look years older and lose self-confidence.

caffeine for puffy eyes

Instead of throwing away money on inefficient cosmetic products, why not turn our attention to natural remedies? I am talking about caffeine, that magical substance that gives us the boost we need to keep up with every day’s challenges. Guess what? You can also use caffeine to have back those pretty eyes, and get rid of puffiness and bags as easy as that.

Step One: Find The Cause Of Puffy Eyes

It is really important to know the cause of puffy eyes so that you can eliminate or diminish it. The causes may vary and some of them are quite obvious, such as lack of sleep, stress, a hangover, having a cold or allergies. Other factors, might need a little more investigation, such as hormonal changes, salty foods, chronic sinusitis or some irritants in detergents or cosmetics. Sometimes you can blame genetics for your black circles and puffy eyes.

Caffeine: The Amazing Remedy For Your Puffy Eyes

We all know that caffeine has energy-boosting properties, but few know that when applied on skin it has antioxidant properties and acts as an anti-inflammatory treatment. Caffeine reduces puffiness and swelling by constricting the blood vessels under the skin and it also normalizes the skin tone.

How to use?

There are several methods to apply coffee for this purpose.

Method 1: Tea Bags

Green or black tea also have caffeine and all you need for this method is two tea bags and a cup of hot water. Put the tea bags into the hot water and steep them for 3-5 minutes. Press the excess liquid from the bags and put them in the refrigerator until they are cool. Place the tea bags under your eyes and leave them for 10-15 minutes. You can repeat this process several times per week. The tea also contains tannins, which stimulate healthy blood circulation and help tighten and soothe skin.

Method 2: Coffee Mixture

You will need black peppercorns and ground coffee beans. Mix 1/2 teaspoon of coffee powder and 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil with 1 pinch of ground black pepper and a few water drops. Apply the mixture under the eyes and leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes, until you feel it drying. Remove with a damped cotton puff or soft cloth and you will look fresh for the entire day.

So, if you cannot get rid of the causes for your eye bags, dark circles and puffiness, you can always rely on coffee and tea to do the trick. But you should still get more sleep and have a medical check-up once in a while.

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