Bee Stings Healed by Home Remedies


Find down below some home remedies that can help with bee stings by hurrying up the process of healing the skin that appears swollen and painful in the spot where the bee has left its stinger. It is important that you remove the stinger (use a tweezers) prior to applying any of the following:

bee-therapy* Ice that can help with soothing the pain and acting against the swollen skin.

* Toothpaste that contains glycerin can be applied on the swollen area to dry out the venom. It is in fact that venom that leads to irritated and painful skin area.

* Vinegar paste is a combination of vinegar, meat tenderizer and baking soda in equal parts. In case this one needs to be thicker, then you can add more baking soda.

* Honey can be also applied to they affected area and reduce the swollen due to its antibacterial properties.

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