The Beautifying Effects of a Kiwi Mask

The secret of a glowing and radiant complexion may lay in the use of fruits like bananas, melons, oranges, apples or basically, any other fruit you choose.


Kiwis contain more Vitamin C than an orange and only one fruit per day will provide an adult with the necessary quantity of Vitamin C required by the organism.

This fruit is beneficial for respiratory problems, will improve the digestion, the health of your heart and ensure a good night’s sleep.

Being a natural source of Vitamin C, kiwis can do wonders not only for a strong immune system but also for the skin. Here are a few beneficial aspects of it!

  • Enhances collagen production

Besides containing Vitamin C that will aid with the firmness of the skin, kiwi stimulates the production of collagen. This vitamin will offer you a glowing and radiant look!

  • Keeps the skin firm

The antioxidants in this fruit will eliminate the free radicals found in the skin, and so, will boost up the regeneration process.

Combined with the Vitamin C, the antioxidants in the Vitamin E will improve the aspect of the fine lines and will reduce the apparition of aging signs.

A more flexible skin leads to a youthful look and a healthier complexion!

  • Cleanses the complexion

This fruit will softly exfoliate the skin and help you get rid of dead skin cells. The black seeds work great as an exfoliating agent and leave your skin flawless and rejuvenated. Also, it has an anti-inflammatory effect, so it’s beneficial for skin problems like acne or blemishes.

Kiwi will clear the skin, eliminate blackheads, whiteheads and prevent the pores from clogging up, thus, keeping the complexion clean.

  • How to make a kiwi mask

The combination of kiwi, banana, and yogurt will restore the health of your skin by mixing the Vitamin C found in the kiwi with the potassium in the banana. These two fruits will act as a moisturizer and leave the skin softer. Also, the yogurt will stimulate the production of new cells and help you deal with blemishes or spots.

Ingredients needed: one kiwi, one banana, one tablespoon of plain yogurt.

Peel both the kiwi and the banana and mix them together with a fork. Add the yogurt and continue blending until you have obtained a paste.

If needed, you can use a blender for mixing the ingredients and creating a smoother paste.

Advice: Use an overripe banana for a softer texture.

How to apply the mask: After you have cleansed your face, apply the mask using gentle circular motions all over your face. Let it act for up to 30 minutes. After that, rub it in for a few moments and then proceed to remove it with warm water.

You can use this recipe once a week for obtaining a natural glow and cleansing your pores.

You can add different fruits to the mix and experiment with a new face mask every week. The vitamins provided by the fruits will offer your complexion a boost and rejuvenate it!

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