Apple Cider Vinegar Burns Fat and Lowers Blood Sugar Levels (Recipe)

Most probably, you have some apple cider vinegar in your kitchen, as this is an excellent ingredient for salad dressings. However, many people use apple cider vinegar for other purposes than cooking.

homemade apple cider vinegar

Traditional medicine recommends this sour liquid for treating a multitude of ailments. In fact, apple cider vinegar has a significant role in this type of medicine from hundreds of years now, especially when it comes to losing weight and lowering blood sugar.

But do the clinical studies agree with the benefits of apple cider vinegar? The short answer is yes. Even though there are several studies, we will present the result of a particular one, which is representative for almost all of the research done in this domain until now.

A Japanese study confirms the benefits of apple cider vinegar in losing weight

A study made in Japan tested the effects of consuming apple cider vinegar. The participants were 175 obese patients, who were provided with a similar diet. However, some of them were given homemade apple cider vinegar, while others were given other kinds of dressings.

What were the results? At the end of the study, it was clear that those who consumed apple cider vinegar had a lot more success in losing weight compared to the other participants. The explanation is that this vinegar enhances the functioning of some particular genes, responsible for breaking down fats.

What is its effect on blood sugar?

Another benefit of apple cider vinegar is that it can lower the blood sugar. Even though this fact was known for hundreds of years, modern technology allowed researchers to study this aspect and confirm it.

Experts explain the effect of this vinegar on the blood sugar. Usually, the level of blood sugar goes extremely high because of the starch. But apple cider vinegar stops the human body to digest starch so that your blood sugar level doesn’t experience any boom.

Another way in which this vinegar helps your body to keep the blood sugar level under control is by providing it with several strong anti-glycemic agents.

However, buying apple cider vinegar may be problematic because you will rarely find any pure vinegar. Producers often use additives, which may be dangerous for your health. This is why you are advised to prepare it at home.

DIY Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe


  • Two tablespoons of raw honey
  • Eight organic apples – their peels and cores
  • Water

Take a large glass jar and put the peels and cores of the apples in it. Then, pour in some water, until they are completely covered.

Add the raw honey to the jar and stir well, until this dissolves. Put the lid on and let this solution rest for 15 days.

After those days, remove the apple bits from the jar. Then, let the solution rest for a month. However, you have to stir or shake it daily.

Once you have done this for a month now, you can start using your homemade apple cider vinegar. It’s that simple!

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