The Amazing Health Benefits of Blackberry Leaf Tea

Blackberries have long been used due to their impressive healing abilities, with the term superfood frequently being attributed to them. Their leaves have also been used to treat numerous conditions, from common ones like a sore throat, to serious ones like cancer.


There are several reasons that recommend them as general health boosters. First of all, they are rich in antioxidants – this means that your immunity system is improved, protecting you from diseases of all kinds. Free radicals are harmful agents causing numerous health problems that can be battled using these leaves. The tea prepared using them is an excellent way of providing your body with the fuel needed for a healthy life.

How to prepare it

Blackberry leaves can be found at health food stores. After coming in possession of them, steep two teaspoons of dried leaves in hot water for no longer than 5 minutes, in order to avoid an excessively bitter taste. The resulting tea can be an excellent replacement for coffee, as it provides great energy without the negative effects found in caffeine. On top of that, it takes care of various health aspects, making it ideal for regular consumption.

Here are some of the benefits this tea brings you:

  • It is anti-inflammatory

Blackberry leaf tea has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, making it ideal for those suffering from swollen joints and muscles. Arthritis and rheumatism sufferers can find relief from their conditions when consuming this drink on a regular basis. It is also very recommended as a preventive measure.

  • Protects against cancer

Free radicals are responsible for a wide range of diseases, ranging from common ones, such as cold and flu, to more serious health problems such as cancer. Studies have shown that antioxidants can battle these free radicals, discouraging the growth and multiplication of cancer cells. Consuming foods or drinks rich in antioxidants provides great help to the body when it comes to battling harmful agents – the blackberry leaf tea excels in this department.

  • Helps soothe oral cavity and throat pains

Blackberry leaf tree can be used as mouthwash in order to find relief from sores, swollen gums and, if used for gargling, it can help with a sore throat as well. Drinking it can also work, although we recommend that you still use it in the ways mentioned earlier as well.

  • Helps you fight digestive problems

You can consume this tea to find relief from stomach pain and diarrhea, as it has powerful astringent properties.

  • It delays aging signs

Nobody likes to see wrinkles and spots on their skin. However, being exposed to the sun’s UV rays on a regular basis, the aging effects are actually accelerated. Drinking this tea regularly will allow you to slow them down, an effect of antioxidants being that the harmful impact of the sun on your skin is reduced.

Blackberries have plenty of reasons to be considered a superfood, so why not use the super drink that you can get from their leaves as well?

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  1. What cancer does blackberry leaf treat?? It does not say. The explanation that was given for treating cancer only refers to blackberry leaf as a preventative!!

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