8 Remedies that Cure Hiccups

Hiccups are something that everyone experiences from time to time. People have found numerous tricks to get rid of hiccups such as drinking water, counting till ten or holding the breath. Still, these “remedies” will not always work. Hiccups pass with time, but they are extremely annoying and you must make use of effective home remedies to get rid of them. The hiccups are caused by the involuntary and sudden spasm or contraction of the diaphragm and they are also triggered by the Vagus nerve irritation. This nerve makes the connection between the brain and the abdomen and when it’s disturbed, it contracts the abdomen muscles and so the hiccup appears. When the muscles are soothed, the phenomenon disappears. The best home remedies for hiccups are listed below.

8 Remedies that Cure Hiccups

1. Yogurt

Mix some yogurt with salt (one tablespoon) and then consume the yogurt slowly. After a few spoons, you will notice the instant relief and the disappearing of the hiccups.

2. Honey

If you experience stubborn hiccupping, then honey can come to your rescue. Eat a tablespoon of honey and you will immediately get relief from this condition. The honey warmth and the swallowing action will make the hiccups disappear.

3. Cardamom Powder

If you’re looking for an instant relief from hiccups, then you should use powdered cardamom. Boil ½ cup of water and add freshly ground cardamom (one tablespoon). Let the liquid cool down and after that strain it. Consume it immediately. The cardamom will relax the diaphragm muscles and will also eliminate the excess alcohol from the organism.

4. Ginger

Various digestive disorders can be treated with ginger. This herb controls nausea and can also offer a cure for hiccups. Chew one small piece of ginger as soon as you notice the hiccupping. In case you don’t like the ginger taste, you can try drinking lemon juice mixed with ginger or eating a ginger candy. This is a very fast cure for hiccups.

5. Chamomile Tea

If you’re hiccupping continuously, then you should consume some chamomile tea. This plant is a muscle relaxant and will immediately soothe the diaphragm muscles. Thus, the contractions will be eased and the hiccups controlled.

6. Lemon

The researchers haven’t discovered yet how can lemon cure hiccups, but it is a known fact that this is a natural remedy for this problem. The sour taste of lemon will saturate the digestive tract and the mouth and will stimulate the nerves. In return, this will control the annoying hiccups.

7. Sugar

This remedy has long been used to cure hiccups. If you experience this problem, you can simply consume a teaspoon full of sugar. Let the sugar dissolve in your mouth for 30 seconds and after that chew it and swallow it. The sweetness in your mouth provoked by the sugar will cure the hiccupping immediately.

8. Ice

If you consume ice cold water, the digestive system will be shocked and the hiccups will be immediately cured. So, cool a glass of water with a few ice cubes and drink it. You can also put a few cubes in a thin cloth and put it on the back of your neck. The hiccups will disappear immediately.

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