7 Ways to Treat Bipolar Disorder

The bipolar disorder is a condition that sometimes cannot be recognized, as it has very few symptoms. However, if a person has extreme and diverse emotional mood swings, it means that he / she suffers from bipolar disorder. So, a person can be extremely happy or very sad and angry the moment after. This disorder affects both women and men and it can be caused by sudden shock, stress, genetics or depression. In order to treat the bipolar disorder, you need to call on a specialist. Still, there are some home remedies that can offer you relief from those symptoms.

7 Ways to Treat Bipolar Disorder

Valerian Root

Numerous health conditions, including cancer and migraine, can be treated with valerian root. This herb promotes the sleep and can treat various types of depression, including bipolar disorders. It has no side effects and it immediately eases the nerves and induces sleep. Use the root oil and add a drop of it to your favorite tea. The herb has a strong flavor, so you should add some mint leaves to it to neutralize its taste.


The bipolar disorder patients often panic even if they have no real reason. Other symptoms associated with the bipolar disorder are the hopelessness and the extreme lethargy. The ginseng is extremely efficient in reducing the lack of energy, the laziness and the lethargy in these patients.

Passion Flower

This herb is beneficial in balancing the neurotransmitters found in the brain. At the same time, it has sedative and tranquilizing properties and can offer relief for the breathlessness and the excitability. Those with a delicate stomach should drink plenty of water so as to avoid the negative effects on the digestive system.


This is a natural health advocate and its best known benefit is that it enhances the mood and comes with no side effects. The ginkgo combats the hopelessness feeling and improves the mood, so you should use it either as tablets or as tea.

Flax Seed Oil

The flax seed oil can treat the depression caused by the bipolar disorder. You should consume it on an empty stomach, each morning, so as to see the benefits. The flax seed grains are often used when preparing Indian bread due to their rich flavor and their property of relaxing the nerves.

Liquorice Powder

Prepare a solution with boiling water and this powder. The mixture is often used by the homeopaths and it is recommended for stomach disorders and indigestion. However, the health benefits of the herb extend beyond these used and nowadays, it is also useful in treating chronic bipolar syndrome. Consume one cup of the solution daily and the liquorice powder is going to stimulate the production of active and essential hormones found in the brain. At the same time, it has the ability to calm the nervous system.

Healthy Diet

If you have a healthy and balanced diet, you can ease the bipolar disorder symptoms. So, stay away from the artificial sweeteners because they can stimulate the mood swings. Also, try to exercise on a daily basis or find a hobby so as to keep your mind occupied. Finally, sleep well to have both your body and your mind relaxed.

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