4 All-Natural Drinks to Boost Your Energy

What are your thoughts on enjoying a delicious drink that will boost your energy on a dead-end day? There are plenty of drinks that can reinvigorate your days, such as black and green tea, coffee – of course – ginseng tea and juices. Certainly, you have heard of energy drinks as well, which are readily available on the market, claiming to energize you from the inside out.

natural energy drinks

However, the primary downside to most of these beverages is that they contain high levels of sugar and caffeine. Why should you add the extra caloric intake these drinks have, when you could prepare an all-natural alternative in your own home? Energy drinks are good for you, being hydrating and nutritive, and they come with numerous health benefits. Discover four recipes you’ll fall in love with.

  • Banana and fig smoothie

Take a ripe banana, combine it with one tablespoon of honey, and three or four figs. You can replace the figs with raisins or dried dates as you please. Bananas have a beneficial impact on your nervous system’s well-being while the fruit encompasses natural sugars that boost your energy. Additionally, honey is recognized as a fantastic energy booster, contributing to improving your digestion.

  • Carrot, honey, egg yolk, apple smoothie

Combine half an apple, one finely diced carrot, one egg yolk, and a tablespoon of honey. Also, you may add a cup of soy milk. Carrots have a beneficial impact on cleansing the blood and enhancing the circulation, while the egg diminishes fatigue, weariness, and stimulates the nervous system, namely the brain’s proper functioning. Honey behaves as a natural energy booster and has a beneficial impact on the digestion as well. As a bonus, apples are equipped with weight loss properties and come with plenty of other health benefits.

  • Honey, egg yolk, soy milk smoothie

Incorporate 1 cup of soy milk with a tablespoon of honey and one egg yolk. Soy milk is a great protein option to the regular pasteurized countertop milk. On top of that, egg yolk prevents weariness, and honey improves proper bowel movement and energizes the immune system.

  • Oatmeal almond drink

Add a quarter cup of oats to a glass of milk, together with four or five almonds. You can also add a teaspoon of honey to boost the nutritive functions of the drink. Alternatively, you may blend a teaspoon of honey, to enjoy a better taste and enhance its nutritional value. Oats equip the body with the necessary nutrients while being a rich source of fiber, minerals and vitamins. On top of that, almonds are highly appreciated for being widely effective in boosting energy levels, while being filled with protective compounds.

It’s crystal clear that these drinks are effortless to prepare, the ingredients are within everybody’s reach, and, without fear of contradiction, they are far cheaper and healthier than the countertop alternatives. Additionally, you can combine whichever ingredients you prefer best, and keep experimenting until you will have created your own set of delicious, super healthy recipes!

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