4 Fantastic Pepper Combinations against Cellulite, Acne, Blemishes and Hair Loss

Pepper is a spice consumed regularly and in great quantities all over the world. Coming in a variety of assortments, such as black pepper, white pepper or red pepper, it has rapidly become one of the most popular ingredients for cooking.


It can be used for both internal or external issues like a slow digestion, to improve the blood flow, or it can be transformed into tinctures for beautifying effects.

Black pepper is easily introduced in natural remedies for skin care, against cellulite or hair loss.

For the best outcome of remedies and treatments, it is best to choose freshly milled black pepper.

Pepper tincture against hair loss

This treatment stops hair loss and, in addition, strengthens and reinvigorates it. Black pepper tincture can be found at herbal stores, but it can also be prepared at home.


  • 200 ml of alcohol
  • 6 tablespoons of freshly milled black pepper


Place the alcohol in a glass jar and add 6 tablespoons of black pepper. Leave the mix to soak for 14 days. After that, filter the mix through a strainer and keep the liquid in dark glass containers in a cool place.


Mix an egg’s yolk with ten drops of black pepper tincture and massage it on your scalp for a few minutes. Leave it for up to 20-30 minutes, then wash your hair. The treatment has to be done twice a week.

Cellulite reduction with black pepper

This treatment has a tonic effect and restores the skin’s elasticity and reducing cellulite.


  • Two tablespoons of milled black pepper
  • half a cup of clay (bought from the pharmacy)
  • a quarter of a cup of sea salt
  • water


Put all the ingredients together and stir the mix until it transforms into a thick paste.


Apply the mix on the areas with cellulite and wrap them using foil. Let it act for 20-30 minutes, then remove it with lukewarm water.

Anti-acne paste

This treatment cleanses the complexion, eliminates blemishes and clears the skin.


  • one tablespoon of honey
  • one egg white
  • half a teaspoon of milled black pepper


Using a mixer, turn the egg white into a foam. In a bowl, mix the honey with the white foam and half a teaspoon of milled black pepper.


Apply the paste on your face and let it act for 20 minutes, then rinse it with water.

Pepper Exfoliant

A yogurt and pepper exfoliant cleanses the skin, eliminates blemishes and reduces scars.


  • one tablespoon of black pepper
  • two tablespoons of yogurt


Mix one tablespoon of freshly milled black pepper with two tablespoons of natural yogurt.


Apply the mix on the clean skin and massage the tissue in circular motions for a couple of minutes, then rinse with cold water.

Black pepper has a great effect on cellulite, acne and hair loss and by making the mixes at home, you can rest assured that all the ingredients are fresh and the preparation of the product isn’t altered in any way.

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