3 Powerful Linden Home Remedies – Eliminate Toxins, Combat Insomnia and Chronic Fatigue

Linden is one of the herbs that fight for your equilibrium and health. Linden flowers and the solutions obtained from these have numerous therapeutic properties that can help ameliorate different conditions.


Natural medicine

Linden flowers have in their composition a certain type of sugar, essential oil (farnesol) gallic acid and catechol. All of these offer the herb neuro-sedative and antispasmodic properties, reducing the inflammations from the respiratory system. That’s why it’s good against colds.

It’s very important to mention that linden contains flavonoids that have a protective role against free radicals (which are the main factors that cause serious diseases). Therefore, linden can prevent cellular deterioration.

In other words, linden flowers contain substances that stimulate the tissues’ recovery, helping the organism to replace faster the broken cells with new and healthy ones.

Also, we can benefit from the detoxifying qualities of the herb by preparing efficient remedies, real elixirs of health and vitality which can help us overcome stress periods, but also their harmful effects on our organism.

Linden flowers tincture

Linden flowers tincture is an elixir that has strong therapeutic effects, and it always comes in handy. If you take it on a regular basis, the remedy streamlines the blood flow, accelerates the elimination of toxins and it helps the white globules to produce antibodies.

You will need the following ingredients: 20 gr of linden flowers, dried and ground, 100 of pure alcohol of 70 degrees.

In a glass jar, put the dried and ground linden flowers and then pour the alcohol. You air-lock the jar, and you keep it in a shadowed place for 10 days. You have to shake the solution 3 times a day.

After this period, strain the liquid, and keep it in the fridge for 6 days in order to decant. After it was separated from the residues, the tincture is kept in bottles that have a dark color.

It’s recommended for children to consume 20 drops at night and for adults to consume 30 drops twice a day.

Linden liquid extract

Another solution that you can take into consideration is linden liquid extract. It’s recommended for the people who suffer from insomnia, depression, panic attacks or exaggerated irritability.

Boil 100 ml of linden. Let it boil until the initial quantity is reduced, through evaporation, at 30 ml, approximately 2 tablespoons of liquid.

Take 20-30 drops of linden fluid, dissolved in water, 2-3 times a day, before you eat. Continue the treatment for 2-3 weeks.

Medicinal wine with linden and basil

Use a 1-liter bottle and pour 50g of dried linden flowers and 50g of basil. Pour red wine and cover the bottle with a cork stopper. Let it macerate for 2 weeks, a period during which you shake it 3 times a day. Then you strain the wine and put it in a shadowed place.

You can consume 100 ml regularly at night, before going to sleep.

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