3 DIY Ways of Cleaning Your Ears

Warning: You should not try to clean your years on your own in case you have a tube or hole in the eardrum. If the symptoms do not go away after following this guide, make sure to contact a medical specialist.


As annoying and disgusting as it might look, ear wax, like every evolutionary feat that our bodies has developed, has an often overlooked purpose. Ear wax keeps the outer ear canal healthy, and has a protective role as well, by fighting off various types of bacteria and lubricating the ear.

In order to combat the constant flow of bacteria and the risk of infections, your ear has to produce ear wax continuously. Still, if you do not suppress it, the ear produces unnecessary quantities of ear wax, which can block your ear canal and expose you to various diseases.

In the worst cases, a high amount of ear wax can worsen your hearing.

A few more common systems of a plugged up ear are an annoying ringing sound in the ear, weird smells, dry coughs and a feeling of dizziness. Even though the ear wax’s purpose is to protect your ears from bacteria, in excessive quantities, it can deposit high amounts of dirt that can heighten the risk of nasty infections. This, in turn, can lead to sometimes unbearable bouts of pain.

Therefore, here are 3 safe methods to clean your ears privately, from the comfort of your home.


The first method you could try out is glycerin. It works by softening the ear wax, making it easier to remove.

  1. Detect the affected ear and stand as to position it towards the ceiling
  2. Pour a couple of glycerin drops into the ear with a dropper
  3. Place a ball made of cotton in the ear and wait for 5 minutes
  4. Remove the cotton ball and position your head in the opposite direction; wait for the liquid to drain from your ear
  5. Use a cloth ball to clean out the wax, which should be soft and mellow at this point

Olive oil

Olive oil is the best ingredient than can be used with your Italian dish of choice, but did you known that olive oil is also a powerful anti wax agent? Whenever you have some extra olive oil sitting around and the ear wax is getting annoying, follow this small guide:

  1. Warm up the olive oil and pour a couple of drops into your ear
  2. Place a cotton ball in your ear
  3. Lay in bed and sit with your covered ear facing the ceiling for 10 minutes
  4. Get the cotton ball out and tilt your head in the other direction, allowing the olive oil to get out
  5. Clean your ear

Coconut oil

Coconut oil contains loads of medium fatty acids, making it the perfect substance to clean your ear.

  1. Warm the coconut oil in the microwave up until it starts melting
  2. Using a dropper, pour 3-4 drops in your ear
  3. Wait for 10 minutes
  4. After that, let the coconut oil get out
  5. Clean the ear

As you can see, having extra earwax can be an annoying thing to deal with. Use these three simple methods and you should have shiny, clean ears in no time.

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