12 Health Benefits That Lemons and Limes Bring You

Citrus fruits are quite well recognized for their excellent health benefits, with limes and lemons making no exception. The rich content of vitamin C provide them with impressive antioxidant properties – the effects of which can be seen in numerous health aspects. Furthermore, their other nutrients are highly beneficial as well: vitamin B6, flavonoids, potassium, magnesium, iron and citric acid all mean we are talking about very versatile, healthy fruits. We have prepared a list of health benefits that these substances translate to. Here are 12 ways in which lemons and limes can help your body:


  1. Improve digestion

Lemons and limes are rich in fiber and vitamin C, both of which help digestion go smoothly.

  1. Boost your immune system

The antioxidant properties of these fruits help the immune system fight the free radicals responsible not only for colds and flu, but severe diseases too.

  1. Oral Care

Lemon or Lime Juice can help relief toothaches if left for a few minutes on the problematic area. It is also effective against swollen or bleeding gums and canker sores.

  1. Can kill or inactivate skin bacteria

The high acidity makes it difficult for harmful bacteria to thrive on your skin. Rubbing a lemon or lime slice on your skin will leave it clean.   

  1. Calm down your sore throat

Mixing lemon juice and warm water results in an excelent gargling solution that will relief your sore throat.

  1. Help with your scalp health

Lemon juice can help fight dandruff, due to its acidity. You can mix it with water to reduce its strength.

  1. Improves skin health

The antioxidant properties of limes and lemons help your body fight the free radicals responsible for premature aging, spots, inflammation and other skin problems.

  1. Nose Bleeding

Lemon juice is a natural antiseptic and coagulant. In case of nose bleeding, you can apply it on a cotton ball and place it in your nostrils for a few minutes.

  1. Offer foot relief

The antiseptic effects of lemon juice recommends it as an excellent natural ingredient for foot baths. It kills bacteria and, mixed with some warm water, it will give quick relief to your skin and muscles.

  1. Help control high blood pressure

Lemon or lime juice is recommended due to its high potassium concentration. Potassium is known to help with high blood pressure, stress, anxiety and depression.

  1. Help prevent kidney stones

Lemons have a high citric acid concentration that, when it is transferred to urine, creates an unfavorable environment for stone formation.

  1. Help fight serious diseases

Lemons and limes have been proven in studies to have powerful antibacterial properties. Their juice has been able to combat malaria, cholera, typhoid and other severe diseases.

Lemons and limes are some of the most versatile and popular fruits out there, yet there are still ways through which their qualities surprise us. It is important to make them a habit, as it is only through regular consumption that we can fully enjoy their rewards.

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