The Wide Range of Diseases Calendula Can Heal

It is a commonly-known fact that Calendula has a great effect on the skin. However, recent studies show that its therapeutic range of action spreads beyond the external use. As a result, not only does calendula have anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties, but it also acts as a gastro-intestinal sedative. The emollient and anti-tumor effects are other two great benefits of using this plant. Homeopath medicine is constantly using it in healing multiple internal conditions, as a powder, infusion, tincture or cream.

diseases cured by calendula

Afflictions of the alimentary duct:

Lab studies have shown that calendula contains active substances which stimulate the neat muscles of the digestive duct and the feces’ elimination. At the same time, it helps with the restructuring of the mucous membranes injured by infections, reducing the irritation of the colon.

In these cases, it is recommended to use ½ of teaspoon of calendula powder, before and after a meal, for 12 days. Also, it is recommended to drink 2 to 4 cups of calendula infusion every day.

Gastric ulcer and gastritis  

Calendula helps with the healing of the mucosa that protects the stomach. It reduces the pain caused by these diseases until their complete disappearance. The treatment lasts 8 weeks, during which, you must drink 4 cups of infusion per day.

Fermenting and rottenness colitis

It’s a 3-week treatment of consuming 4 teaspoons a day of calendula powder and hard hay powder mixture. Consume it before the meals. It reduces pain and helps restructuring the intestinal walls, wounded by the bacterial infection, and the intestinal flora, adjusting the intestinal transit.

Indigestion and cholecystitis

Keep a 3-week treatment with calendula tincture, consuming 1 teaspoon 3 times a day, 20 minutes before eating. This will have an amazing effect in controlling and discharging the bile into the common bile duct.


Women who suffer from this can try a 3-month treatment of consuming 4 tablespoons of calendula powder every day. It reduces cramps and bleeding up to 3-4 days.

Cancer and tumors

Calendula treatment stops the development on malign cells, stimulating, at the same time, the immune system’s cells to attack the tumors. In cases of breast, prostate, pancreatic, ovarian or colon-rectal cancer, a 2-month treatment of 1 tablespoon of calendula powder, 4 times a day, is highly indicated.

Also, if the tumors are present in the abdomen area, specialists recommend doing 12 calendula tea enemas each month. Used externally, the calendula cream and oil help with the faster healing of lesions after radiotherapy.

Wounds, contusions and surgical cuts

In order to prevent skin infections, calendula tincture can be used to wash the area. The cream is applied afterwards to heal the skin faster.

How to prepare the infusion, powder and tincture

Calendula powder – The dried flowers are milled and kept in glass jars well secured. However, it should be prepared to last only for a few days, so that it’s fresh every time it is being used.

The infusion – 250 ml of boiled water are poured over a tablespoon of calendula and then it is sipped.

The tincture – It’s made up of fresh flowers carefully washed, left to dry and then chopped. They are placed into a jar with a whole sliced lemon and a bit of water. Everything is mixed with a wooden spoon. The composition is then left to macerate for 2 hours, after which 70 degrees alcohol is poured in. It should be left for another 10 days to macerate. When everything is finished, the composition will be filtered and kept in dark colored bottles at cold temperature.

The cream – Melt a package of butter into a pan. Add 50 g of bees wax, a spoon of candied honey and 2 fists of freshly chopped calendula flowers. The whole mix should be left until it is close to boiling, stirring continuously, and then it should be taken off the gas cooker and left to stay still until the next day. The following day, the mixture has to be warmed again and placed in glass jars.

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