Stinging Nettle – The Cure for Everything?

Stinging nettle is probably one of the most miraculous herbs in the world, as it can cure almost anything, from arthritis to hair loss. This plant is commonly met all over Europe and the United States and it can be used as food or as medicine. Stinging nettle is extremely nutritious and it is an excellent spring tonic. Moreover, it cleanses the body naturally and helps you eliminate all the toxins in the organisms. Stinging nettle is available as herbal extract, dried leaves, homeopathic remedies, tinctures and ointments. Let’s explore the magnificent health benefits of stinging nettle.

Stinging Nettle – The Cure for Everything?

Promotes Urinary Tract Health

This herb helps the urinary tract and the bladder function normally and it is efficient for both men and women. Consume stinging nettle tea for this specific problem. This beverage will increase the urination and will be a natural diuretic for your body. It can even break down the kidney stones. For men, nettles diminish the enlarged prostate and are pelvic decongestant.

The Cure for Arthritis

The painful symptoms associated with rheumatism, gout or arthritis can be immediately relieved with stinging nettle. This herb can also treat tendonitis, fibromyalgia and other soft tissue conditions. A cup of nettle tea per day can also be beneficial for the Lupus patients who experience joint pain. The diuretic action of the herb will release and alkalize the uric acid located in the joints and thus will eliminate the pain.

Good for Digestion

In case you suffer from Celiac disease, colitis, nausea, excess gas or acid reflux, you can consume nettle leaves. You can either consume stewed nettle leaves or prepare a tea. Stinging nettle also decreases the inflammation on the mucous membranes and aiding the digestion. This plant is also extremely beneficial for mouth sores, sore throats, nose bleeds and swollen hemorrhoids.

Treats Allergies

The leaves of the stinging nettles are homeopathic remedies and herbal treatments for various types of allergies: hives, hay fever and asthma. This herb reduces the inflammation that is usually associated with the allergies and relieves the symptoms.

Remedy against Skin Conditions and Hair Loss

If you have acne or eczema, you can use nettle tea as a remedy. You can drink it daily and, at the same time, you can also apply it on the affected areas. Also, when applied topically, stinging nettle tea removes the warts. The scalp can also take advantage of the numerous stinging nettle benefits. It stimulates the epidermis of the scalp and promotes the hair growth. At the same time, it can restore the original color of the hair. The tea of this plant is a great conditioner and it also eliminates dandruff. Use the nettle tea as a hair rinse after you have shampooed your hair.

Beneficial for Women

Stinging nettle contains large amounts of iron and it can combat fatigue and anemia in women. At the same time, it supports the hormonal system of the females and the liver. Nursing mothers and pregnant women can also use this herb because it stimulates the milk production and prevents bleeding. Finally, stinging nettle can control the menstrual flow, remove fibroids, reduce the excess menstrual flow and diminish the PMS symptoms.

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