Passion Flower – The Calming Herb

Passion flower is a common herbal remedy that comes with numerous positive effects for the health. This plant is particularly beneficial for calming the nerves and the brain. The passion flower has the ability to promote the secretion of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) located in the brain. In its turn, this acid will reduce certain brain cells’ activity. Most of the times, it is combined with other calming plants. The passion flower has a striking appearance, featuring violet petals. It also produces fruits known as maypop. These fruits are edible. Let’s explore the numerous health benefits of passion flower.

Passion Flower – The Calming Herb

Aids the Sleep

Numerous studies have shown that passion flower is efficient in improving the sleep quality. The participants had mild sleep disorders and they used to drink a cup of tea made of passion flower before going to bed. They consumed the tea for one week. Throughout this period they noticed that their quality of sleep was significantly improved and that they were more rested when they woke up. These improvements were not noticed in those who didn’t consume passion flower tea.

Lowers the High Blood Pressure

If you’re dealing with high blood pressure, then the passion flower might be of great help for you. The blood pressure levels can be reduced with passion flower skin extract. You must match every kilogram body weight with 50 milligrams of the extract. This benefit is triggered by the edulilic acid and the anthocyanin antioxidant in the passion flower. One particular study has discovered that the pulp of the passion flower pulp can reduce the blood pressure ratio and the systolic blood pressure. At the same time, this plant diminished the oxidized lipids levels, meaning the lipids that were damaged by the waste products and toxins.

Combats Anxiety

Passion flower is widely known for its anti-anxiety benefits. You must take it in low doses in order to benefit from this property. Even though passion flower can fight against anxiety and panic attacks, it does not have a stimulating or sedative effect. However, when taken in higher doses, it does have a sedative property.

Fights against Depression

When taken in combination with other anti-depression herbs, it can improve their effects. For example, if St. John’s Wort it taken in combination with passion flower, the latter can significantly enhance the properties of the first herb. In this case, you can lower the St. John’s Wort doses and reduce its possible side effects. The passion flower supplementation will not only reduce depression, but will also diminish the menopause symptoms such as headaches, insomnia and anger. Thus, the menopausal women can also benefit from this plant’s properties and can choose to use this remedy instead of hormone replacement therapy. You should take passion flower supplements at least 4 weeks in order to notice any positive effect.

Offers Relief for Congestive Heart Failure

The combination between hawthorn and passion flower extracts can help the people suffering from congestive heart failure. These supplements treat their difficulty in exercising and their shortness of breath. However, more research must be conducted in this case.

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