Herbal Remedies

Fight Fever With These 5 Herbs

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We’ve all been there in one moment or another and one thing is for sure: no one likes to have a fever. It is an unpleasant experience to go through, but it is also the body’s way to fight the […]

Top 7 Herbs That Make You Happy

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Laughter is the best medicine. However, in order to maintain a permanent positive disposition, Harvard scientists have indicated you should find ways of effectively combating depression, stress and anxiety. In this direction, the activities you engage in should have a […]

Efficient Natural Method in Treating Poor Blood Circulation

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Blood circulation can be accounted to be the key to our health. However, poor blood circulation is a common health condition nowadays. A number of factors precipitate the appearance of this medical problem. These factors include various aspects including bad […]

Recipe to Prepare Medicinal Oils from Different Plants

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Besides being your friends when it comes to cooking, many plants are packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals with unique therapeutic properties. Oils made of plants are very easy to make at home and easy to incorporate in different dishes […]

Lose Weight With These Amazing Herbs

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Obesity and unwanted weight concern many people and a lot of them even struggle to get rid of some calories through daily physical activity. Hormonal fluctuations and genetics can have something to say when it comes to a person’s weight. At the […]

Treat Osteoarthritis with These 6 Simple Herbal Remedies

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Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease, a form or arthritis that is caused by inflammation and breakdown of the cartilage. After a period, that cartilage might even wear down. Osteoarthritis is the most fairly known cause of arthritis, being a chronic […]

Rosemary Refreshing and Calming Bath

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Due to its healing aroma and properties, rosemary essential oil was Paracelsus’ favorite oil. Paracelsus is the famous Swiss doctor that contributed immensely to understating plant-based medicine in the 16th century. Paracelsus cherished rosemary essential oil because of its capacities […]