Herbal Birth Control Methods

Birth control is an issue that affects men and women alike, as they both want to choose the right moment to become parents. When it comes to birth control methods, people can choose from a large variety of methods so as to prevent pregnancy. Some of the most common alternatives are the natural rhythm method, male or female condoms, emergency contraception, implantable devices, oral contraceptives and even abstinence. An unusual birth control method is the usage of herbal solutions. There are certain herbs that can interfere with implantation and thus, prevent pregnancy. You can see these herbs listed below. However, you must keep in mind that no birth control solution is 100% sure. As a result, it is better to use an additional method, for your security.

Herbal Birth Control Methods


This is popularly known by the name Indian lilac and it is efficient when taken as birth control by both men and women. You can use the neem oil, neem leaf extract and neem leaves. This plant comes with spermicidal actions. For example, women can benefit from a simple injection of neem oil right in the uterine horns. This method can keep you safe from pregnancy for one year and your ovarian function and menstrual cycles won’t be affected. You should always let someone specialized to make this injection. Neem oil has been found to kill the sperm as soon as it enters the vaginal region.

Men can use neem leaf tablets for almost 30 days. This can cause male anti-fertility. Gelatin capsules with neem seed oil are also useful as birth control. This remedy does not affect the libido or the sperm production.  Neem also has immune-stimulating, antiviral and antibiotic effects and can protect from sexually transmitted and vaginal diseases.

Blue Cohosh

You can only use the root of this plant. This herb contains Caulosaponin and a compound that acts similar to the hormone oxytocin. Both of these compounds have uterine-contracting effects. So, if you have had unprotected sex, you can immediately drink a blue cohosh tea. Mix boiling water (one quart) with blue cohosh (1 teaspoon). Let the solution steep for 5 minutes and then strain it and drink it slowly. Drink it up to 3 times daily before your menstrual period. This herb comes with side effects, thus consult an herbalist before using it.


Pennyroyal is a plant similar to mint and the ancient Romans and Greeks have been using it as birth control. This plant initiates self-abortion and promotes the menstrual flow. In order to stop pregnancy, you can use a combination of pennyroyal and other herbs. Let the herbalist prescribe you the best mixture of plants.

You can use both dried and fresh leaves and the tea can induce abortion and menstruation. You can boil distilled or spring water (8 ounces) and then add dried pennyroyal (1 teaspoon). Let it sit for almost 15 minutes and after you’ll strain it, you can add some honey to make its taste more pleasant. If you have had unprotected sex, you must drink the tea as soon as possible in order to have maximum effectiveness. Consume this tea with caution and don’t drink more than 3 cups within 6 days.

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