Coriander Seeds – A Spice with Benefits

The cilantro or coriander seeds are aromatic spices used for numerous dishes and foods. They are particularly used in the Indian kitchen for garnishing soups, salads or curries, but they are also a popular spice in the rest of the world’s countries. Lately, the scientists have also discovered that the coriander seeds are extremely rich in nutrients and they can be used to cure different health conditions. Coriander contains calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, folic acid and vitamins C, K and A. Thus, let’s see how these seeds can aid your health.

Coriander Seeds – A Spice with Benefits

Fights Diabetes

The doctors have discovered that these coriander seeds have anti-diabetic properties and they can stimulate the insulin production. At the same time, they maintain normal blood sugar levels. The coriander seeds can also increase the good cholesterol and reduce the bad cholesterol in the diabetics. So, if you suffer from both high cholesterol and diabetes, you must drink coriander water on a daily basis.

Fights Anemia

Coriander contains numerous vitamins and nutrients, including iron. Thus, it can be a great remedy for anemia. If you feel dizzy or exhausted on a regular basis, you should include coriander fresh leaves and seeds in your diet.

Treats Skin Conditions

The coriander seeds are extremely beneficial for the skin health. They can reduce the inflammation, eczema, rashes and itchy skin. Prepare a paste with honey, water and coriander seeds and apply on the affected areas. It will offer immediate relief. At the same time, the coriander treats the mouth sores and ulcers. Use boiled coriander water to cure or reduce the mouth ulcers. Last, but not least, the coriander is also effective in helping you get rid of pimples and blackheads. Mix turmeric, honey and coriander paste and apply the mask on your face. After it has dried, you can use cold water to rinse it off.

Detoxification of the Body

The poor function of neurological and cardiovascular systems, the loss of eyesight and memory, Alzheimer’s disease and various other conditions can be caused by the heavy toxic metals accumulated in your body. You can detox your body by using coriander seeds. This spice will help you eliminate all the toxins and heavy metals from your organism.

Digestion Aid

You can have a healthy digestion by consuming fresh coriander leaves and coriander seeds. They come with antioxidant properties and will help the bowel movements and the liver function normally. They also stimulate the production of juices and digestive enzymes. Soak a few coriander seeds in water and leave them throughout the day. After that, take the seeds out and consume the coriander water every day on the empty stomach. It will cure stomach indigestion.

Kills Bacteria

There are parts of the world where the water and the food are infested with salmonella and other bacteria and can cause dysentery, cholera, food poisoning, typhoid and various other diseases. The coriander seeds have antibacterial properties and they can protect you from these awful diseases by neutralizing the bacteria.

The coriander seeds are also beneficial for the women’s health, for the eye care and for the hair loss.

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