Asian Herbal Treatment that Can Stop Breast Cancer

Plants have been gaining popularity in the past few years, proving to be very good friends to modern medicine. Herbal medicines have great healing properties and they fight against diseases. Certain plants even have the power to combat cancerous cell and tumors. The Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine has recently found the amazing properties of this Asian plant, called Ampelopsis Japonica.


They used this plant to fight against breast cancer and their results were extremely successful. Ampelopsis Japonica stopped the growth of cancer cells and also ceased the metastasis process. In metastasis, cells are sent out to other organs in order to infiltrate and create another tumor.

The great power of Ampelopsis Japonica

This plant can be found on bridges and buildings and it can even grow in trees. It goes by the name of Bunge in some of the native cultures. People have been using this plant’s antibacterial powers for years now. It also has anti fungal and anti-inflammatory properties that people were quite aware of. Ampelopsis Japonica also has the power of speeding up the healing process and, for this reason, it should be found in your first aid kit. With all these properties, there is no wonder why the plant is such a good remedy against breast cancer.

How does this plant fight breast cancer

The Korean research team conducted an experiment on breast cancer cells, the kind that spread around fast enough to grow other tumors on other organs and that lead to death of the cells. They produced an extract of Ampelopsis Japonica that was able to suppress the growth of these cells and also stop them from spreading. Furthermore, they discovered that they stopped an enzyme called metalloproteinase from developing. Once this enzyme was killed, the cancer could not develop any further.

More important facts about Ampelopsis Japonica

The enzyme metalloproteinase-9, the one that assists inflammations, was also stopped due to this miraculous plant extract. Both metalloproteinase-9 and metalloproteinase were carefully looked at by many pharmacists in order to create a compound that could help prevent the spreading. Still, they had no luck whatsoever, until they discovered that the cure lies within nature.

With these new studies that have been performed on Ampelopsis Japonica and their discovery, there is hope that people will not have to endure chemotherapy anymore. This type of destructive therapy comes with a lot of side effects that include hair loss, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, headaches, pain, fatigue, diarrhea etc. Due to this plant, people might not need to suffer all these in order to stop the cancer cells from developing and growing. This could even prevent the development of new tumors in other organs.

So, even though there is a long way to finding the ultimate cure for cancer, doctors and researchers are one step closer to that thanks to the amazing Ampelopsis Japonica.

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