6 Health Benefits of Echinacea

Echinacea is an herb commonly used for medicinal purposes. The main use for these herbaceous flowering plants is for colds and flu, but it can also be beneficial for numerous other conditions and diseases. The roots, flowers and leaves of this plant can effectively fight against infections and skin-related conditions and they are available in many forms such as tea, juice and tablets. If you are tempted to use this supplement and natural treatment, let’s see how it can help you.

6 Health benefits of Echinacea

1. Strengthens the Immune System

Echinacea’s main property is that it can strengthen and regulate your immune system. It helps the body produce T-cells and aids the white cells in fighting against pathogenic invaders. Echinacea also contains echinacein, a compound that protects the healthy cell, by stopping the germs from penetrating them. As a result, the bacteria and viruses will not be welcomed in your body.

2. Topical Disinfectant

As mentioned in the first paragraph, Echinacea can also be used for various skin-related conditions. So, this herb can also be applied topically and it will efficiently kill viruses and bacteria or prevent them from affecting your cells. It is extremely beneficial for scratches and cuts. You can look for gels or ointments containing Echinacea and apply them on the wounds. They will heal faster and the plant will also prevent the infection. This herb also has analgesic properties when used externally.

3. Treats Eczema and Psoriasis

In strong relation with the paragraph above, we can also say that Echinacea can heal psoriasis and eczema. Use the same ointments or gels containing Echinacea and apply them on the affected zones up to three times per day. The plant will ease the itching caused by these conditions and will also speed up the healing process.

4. Heals Sunburns

If you have suffered sunburn, then Echinacea can help you with that too. It has powerful healing properties and so the healing process will be sped up. At the same time, it will cool down your skin and relieve the sunburn symptoms.

5. Multi Usage Treatment

As mentioned before, Echinacea is particularly used for speeding the recovery and healing process in various illnesses. It does so by killing the bacteria and viruses, stopping the infection and strengthening the immune system. Here are some of the conditions that can be treated with Echinacea: canker sores, urinary tract infection, gingivitis, ear infection, upper respiratory infection, sinusitis, hay fever, bronchitis, vaginal yeast infections and enlarged prostate.

6. Prevents Recurrent Infections

The recurring infections are quite annoying. A good example is represented by the ear infections that keep coming back. If you want to get rid of them forever, then you should call on Echinacea. It contains immune-boosting ingredients and will immediately help your body fight against the infection.

Warning! Even though Echinacea is a beneficial plant and can be used for numerous conditions, it must not be taken for a long period of time. Use it as long as you need and once the infection or the illness disappears, stop taking Echinacea. If used for too long it can do the opposite and damage your immune system. So, don’t take Echinacea for more than 8 weeks.

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