Help Your Body Lose More Weight with This Natural Apple and Plums Juice

Nutrients, vitamins and minerals are very important for your whole body, and making sure you get as much as you need if a very important matter. Home-made juice can give you the boost you need to start your day, especially when consumed in the morning. However, the recipe presented below will also assist in your weight loss.

apple plum juice for weight loss

Here is how it does this:

Both plums and apples help with digestive issues and maintain a fullness sensation, serving as a supporter in your weight loss battle. Due to the fullness sensation, you will stay clear of unwanted and unhealthy foods. Being rich in fiber, they also regulate your digestive system and fight the bloating and puffiness look.

If you have a thing for sweet things, apples and plums will take care of that, being rich in natural sweeteners. At the same time, both fruits will steer you clear from candy bars from the vending machine when you feel exhausted.

What is the juice recipe?

Having a juicer is one step closer to tasting a scrumptious delicious juice. Keep in mind that there are different plums on the market. Make sure to choose the ones that are as sweet as you want to, thus you will keep away from any additional sweeteners.

Here are the ingredients:

  • 1/8 lemon
  • 1 cucumber
  • 3 plums
  • half an apple

Your first step is to wash all the ingredients. Then, you must peel the plums and take out the core and throw them into the juicer. You can peel the cucumber if you would like or keep it with its crust. Chop it in little cubes so your juicer will work faster. As for the lemon, you must remove the possible seeds and the peel. You could also add only the lemon juice. For the half of the apple, just slice it and remove the seeds.

After all these operations have been performed, you must throw all the ingredients into the blender and turn it on. In just a few minutes, you will enjoy the most delicious beverage. You can add a few ice cubes if you prefer it cold.

It is recommended to be consumed in the morning to boost up your metabolism and furnish the energy wanted.


The deeply hued plums are richer in antioxidants and phenolics, says a study published in Scientia Horticulturae. The researchers have found a link between the color and the amount of these two elements.

Apples and their nutrients can prevent different forms of cancer, lower cholesterol and the risk of getting diabetes.

Including this delicious juice in a healthy diet and adding a handful of physical exercises will lead to great improvement in your weight loss efforts.

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